The Healing Power Of Plants

I used to visit my mother’s sister in South Carolina and this was when I noticed how plants could be used as a decor item. My grandmother housed a lot of plants in her home, but for stress relief. When I briefly lived with my father’s sister preceding middle school, I asked her to buy me a Peace Lily. Honestly, I wanted the plant because of its name; I yearned for there to be peace in her household. I cared for it, talked to it, and believed in its purpose. Granted, I had no idea what I was doing, but it all came naturally to me.

We are surrounded by energy; energy can not be created nor destroyed. Plants and trees have a direct source of powerful energy. As I have mentioned before, Western culture focuses more on productivity than meaningful rest and recovery. Luckily, there is a shift happening and we are becoming more aware of how to honor their temple through better eating practices, breathing exercises, and bodywork.

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Yet, we still have a long way to go. We still lack the understanding that honoring your temple requires internal work as well; to let go of limiting beliefs, patterns that no longer serve us, negative thought processes, and unwarranted fears. When we are not in alignment with ourselves and not living according to our true nature, we breed dis-ease.

The practice of using plants for healing purposes is as old as medicine. Plant power dates back to Kemet. Present-day, throughout the Peruvian Amazon, Onanya plant-spirit healers work with the spirits of plants to conduct energetic cleanses. This different system of healthcare addresses energetic imbalances, psycho-spiritual conditions, and trauma of the participants. 

Shipibo Onanya (“Ancestral Healer”) Estela Pangosa Sinacay, Peruvian Amazon—Photo by Tracey Eller for Cosmic Sister

Okay, I know. You’re not in an Amazonian forest. However, the indigenous cultures of others and how they connect back with self is relative.

Plants can support you in feeling and working better physically, spiritually, and emotionally. When we care for a living thing, we not only boost our sense of self-worth we also increase feelings of contentment.

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When you actively care for plants, you are developing a deeper connection with nature, which is self. Studies have shown that plants have a tremendous effect on mood, productivity, and concentration.

Wait, there’s more! Plants clean pollutants from the air by acting as natural air filters. They neutralize harmful EMFs and produce oxygen in the process. When we breathe better, we feel better. If a certain type of plant is placed in your room, then you sleep better. For example, lavender aids in relaxation and deeper sleep. Plants such as ivy, spider plants, and peace lilies are great at filtering the air.

I will talk more about plants and herbal remedies soon, but for now check out the great information about the house plants below (images by @leafadesigns). Click each image to make it larger.

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