Manifestation 101: How To Manifest Anything You Desire

Years ago, if someone would have told me that I have the power to manifest what I want for myself, I would have perceived what they were saying differently. Immediately I would have taken a arrogant stance because I knew that my actions were how I made my desires come to pass. Present day, I am aware of how I have the power to truly create my own reality.

The building foundation of manifestation is that our thoughts create our reality. Everyday you are performing magick. Everyday you are taking your subconscious and conscious thoughts and bending them to your will.

Before we can get into your manifestation, we have to address the mind.


Your mind is at the center of your being. It encompasses your perception of the world, identity and overall desires. It is the source of where your manifestation begins.

To truly understand how you have been manifesting your subconscious thoughts, you first must understand the nature of your self-talk.

What does your inner voice sound like when faced with outer conflict?

Do you use “maybe” when thinking of your solutions?

Do you always use “if” instead of “when” to describe your aspirations and goals?

Do you harp on your life’s mistakes or do you find where your decision could have been different for better future outcomes?

Your mindset is a major factor of how you manifest your desires.

At this very moment, open your journal (or grab a piece of paper and pen) and write down your answers to these questions. Be honest and transparent with yourself. After all, you are reading them to yourself for your wellbeing.

If you are constantly shaping your reality with negative self talk, how do you expect to have a healthy, good life? How do you expect to gain your own respect if you constantly use your inner voice to tear yourself down?

The most important and rewarding step of manifestation is ridding yourself of negative self talk. By all means, criticism of yourself and your decisions is vital for optimal growth, but negative self talk isn’t. It will take a conscious effort of constant supervision and observation to change it.

Write down when you catch yourself doing it in your journal. Observe what brought about the negative self talk. Make a note of how you feel in that moment. Put a date and time stamp on it for future reference as well.

Seriously, cut the bullshit of downing yourself.

Once you do this, you will know that it is you who has the power to shape your reality beyond any doubts.

SPELLing Is A Spell

The next component of manifestation is words.

You want to use your words to program and affirm who you are PRESENT DAY. No matter if you haven’t become that person yet, you are letting your subconscious know that you are that person so that your mind can act, speak and think accordingly.

This is also done with positive affirmations.

I want you to write in journal who you want to be in bullet points or paragraph form.

Do you want to be more in tune with yourself spiritually and emotionally?

Do you want to be respected manager of a large financial institution?

Do you want to finish your MBA with honors?

Do you want to have a better grasp on your physical health?

Do you want to create a barrier of spiritual protection around yourself and loved ones?


Use this to create your own prayer or mantra for your desired routine manifestation ritual.

Now Be It

What’s ironic about manifesting is that your actions are actually the easiest part of it. Tackling the mind is the toughest part of the process because of the fast paced life we live.

We concern ourselves with money, outer validation and trivial matters day in and day out. So, truly facing ourselves and inner conflicts isn’t at the top of our list. However, once you have your mindset and words in check, your actions will follow too.

So, first you have to figure out what it is that you truly enjoy doing no matter the price tag on it. Now, I’m not saying to not charge your worth honey, but what do you enjoy doing so much that you would never tire of it?

What is your passion?

Now on the flip side of that:

What can/should you improve upon for your overall growth?

What’s your dream life? A life that is free of what you have been conditioned to belief was for you. How can you use what you have and who you are today to make that come to pass? How can you gain the skills necessary?

Again, write in your journal actions that you can take today, this month, a year from now and five years from now. Try not be so rigid with your answers too.

Now, read over what you brainstormed and ask what is hindering you from reaching what you want to manifest.

The answer should be:

Not a damn thing.



The mind is the limit not the sky!

Plan by writing what you want down, affirming it and executing through action.

As time passes, you will begin to see how reality confirms to your will.

I got a glimpse of this when I wrote down that I wanted to host vegan events catered toward the black community in Nashville and I used visualization techniques to make it come to pass. I was blown away and honestly overwhelmed by the response.

You have the power of magick within you to manifest your desires through manifestation.


Use the tools in this post to manifest exactly what it is that you desire for yourself.


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