5 Things To Do Every Day For A Productive Week

Everyday is the opportunity to begin anew. Here’s perspective for you: we die every night. The act of deliberate accountability in your evolution is the awareness that pieces of you die every night. The next day you are reborn…or what religion refers to as being resurrected. I mention this because keeping this in mind at night when you close your eyes after your night routine (and rituals) will help you stay productive.

Hence why it is imperative that your daily rituals (or routines, if that word frightens you) aid in your growth. What you do daily becomes you. So, why not do at least 5 things a day that will contribute to your productivity along with your mind, body, and spirit?

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I know. I know. At this point, spirituality and meditation have become cliche. However, meditation has so many benefits! Not only that, there are so many different types of meditation.

The mediation I will speak of is to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts that clutter it. Once you have released the clutter, you can truly be present and in the moment for the rest of the day by cultivating mindfulness.

Mediating daily will help you stay productive and decrease your stress levels, which will grant you control over your emotions. Awareness of your emotions will, in turn, increase your knowledge of self.

The easiest way to mediate is to create a space of calm in your home. Sit in the space and breathe in slowly and deeply. Make a note of how the oxygen fills your lungs. Relax your jaw and eyebrows. Imagine all the tension flowing out when you exhale slowly and consciously. Don’t allow the task of meditating to overwhelm you. Practice makes perfect and your peace of mind is worth it.


There’s that mindfulness again. Mindfulness is the act of being fully present and aware of one’s self and surroundings. It alleviates one from being reactive and/or overwhelmed by what is going on and happening around them. The act of mindfulness involves the direct consciousness of the five senses.

We all naturally possess mindfulness, but do not practice it on a daily basis. The overall goal of mindfulness is to activate our emotional, mental, and physical processes so that we are not solely reacting out of habit. For more information about the difference between your habits and intent, please read my blog post How To Live Less Out Of Habit And More Out Of Intent.

When we express gratitude, we tend to become more optimistic and open to the happenings in our life. Why? It’s simple. It’s because we are truly focused on what’s important! Try your best to consciously express gratitude for one thing a day to remain productive. If you would like to take it a step further, start a gratitude journal. When you feel your mind becoming very negative and unsure, write out one gratitude for the day. In the same journal, use it to ground yourself. Make a note of your five senses when you feel strong emotions are upon you. You will notice how focused and more productive you will be with your time!


Plan your day to remain productive. Every day you should be revisiting your daily and short-term goals. These small steps should contribute to your long-term goals. Break your long-term goals down, so that you are taking small steps toward the bigger picture. If you have a long-term goal to travel more, then make a conscious effort everyday to be mindful of your spending habits.

If you have a family and/or significant other, you can make this into a ritual/tradition for you all. Once a week, have a Family Planner day, which consists of expressing gratitude for one another, goals accomplished the prior week and goals that you plan to accomplish next week! Read more about Family Traditions and download the Family Planner for free!

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In order to expand your knowledge and broaden your perspective, reading is a must! A great way to make it easier to read more is to make a tradition of it! Once a month, visit your local library and pick up 3-4 books. If you can’t rent books for a long amount of time, rent one book for every two weeks. Challenge yourself to read a new book every two weeks.

If you can’t make it to a library, read from where you are reading this blog post! I have been able to read and learn vast amounts of information from the tips of my fingers!

I am naturally inquisitive, so I enjoy learning and reading a lot. My son adds an extra nudge to that because I am very curious about his development and want to make sure that I expand upon my knowledge for him. I, as his mother, am his first teacher, so I am aware that my scope of learning is very important to the man that he will become for himself, his wife and his children.

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Here’s another mood regulator! We are very much connected to nature. The sun provides you with Vitamin D! Did you know that if you don’t get enough you start to feel down, sad and/or depressed? Step outside and meditate, walk in the grass, read while walking the block, job, walk to the corner store — just get out there! If it’s too hot for you, wake up earlier in the day.

If I don’t have productive errands to run that day or anything planned with my family, I will either take Biggie (my son) for a walk or simply step outside. In all honesty, as a stay at home mother, I have to remind myself to get outside when I don’t have a reason to leave home.

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