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5 Ways That Your Self Care May Be A Toxic Coping Mechanism

When you become a parent, especially a mother, self-care is one of the most common topics you will hear from veteran parents. In all honesty, self-care is vital for new mothers because it is a deliberate act meant to address mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health. In my early 20's, my favorite areas of self-care… Continue reading 5 Ways That Your Self Care May Be A Toxic Coping Mechanism

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#SpotlightSaturday: Twisted Sistuhs Wine

What if I told you that there is a black-owned wine located in Nashville, TN? I am sure that you are as excited and shocked as I am! Twisted Sistuhs is owned by friends, of over 10 plus years of love, that became family. Twisted Sistuhs and the concept was started in 2017, but officially… Continue reading #SpotlightSaturday: Twisted Sistuhs Wine


Dating And Relationships EP4: How To Navigate Baby Mama Or Baby Daddy Drama

Let's be clear, blended families are not a new phenomena. We see it talked about online and now we have this belief that elders didn't have entire families (or children) that we did not know about until we hit adult age. Nothing about this is new. I repeat, blended families and co-parenting relationships were not… Continue reading Dating And Relationships EP4: How To Navigate Baby Mama Or Baby Daddy Drama


#SpotlightSaturdays: Black Owned Spiritual Jewelry Shops

My most viewed blog post is the very first #SpotlightSaturdays about Black Owned Spiritual/Magick Shops. I posted those spiritual shops out of pure love and support. I am honored to have so many people viewing it every day. It affirms that this type of content is needed and that I must continue to share it.… Continue reading #SpotlightSaturdays: Black Owned Spiritual Jewelry Shops


#SpotlightSaturdays: Black Owned Household Goods

Household goods are vital items in a home that are used on a regular basis. They include trash bags, cleaning supplies, paper towels and more! At least once a day, you use an item that is deemed a household good. We have the amazing opportunity and capability to give back to our community by purchasing… Continue reading #SpotlightSaturdays: Black Owned Household Goods


#SpotlightSaturdays: Hoodoo Hippy

Sha'Mira, owner of Hoodoo Hippy, originally hails from Atlantic City, New Jersey, but currently calls Dallas, GA her home. I was first introduced to Sha'Mira's work after taking a gander at her website and instantly identified with her personal story about her grandmother. Hoodoo Hippy is a website that is a shot with no chaser;… Continue reading #SpotlightSaturdays: Hoodoo Hippy


#SpotlightSaturdays: Locs by Cole

Hair is one of the first forms of expressions that is used to express the inner being on the outer person. We spend hours and time on our hair to ensure that it reflects our individuality. Did you know that your hair can hold negative energy? Did you know that who you choose to touch… Continue reading #SpotlightSaturdays: Locs by Cole

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#SpotlightSaturdays: EmpressMoret

Keondra hails from Nashville, TN and will take the clean beauty industry by storm with her brand's spiritually charged philosophy. She is no stranger to skin and haircare with her curl custards and rose serums giving revitalization through all natural ingredients. EmpressMoret has two clean beauty brands that will launch with products in 2019. You… Continue reading #SpotlightSaturdays: EmpressMoret


#SpotlightSaturdays: Te’Keya C.

TeKeya C. is a visionary hailing from Forest Park, GA or better known as "ClayCo". While attending Georgia State University, she minored in studio art, which is where her artistic journey began to flourish with the aid of her professor. She showcased her art with successful feedback. Te'Keya is currently working on her small painting… Continue reading #SpotlightSaturdays: Te’Keya C.