8 Month Breastfeeding Update And Baby Led Weaning

Biggie Smalls (my son) will be eight months in a week or so. We are rocking and rolling with the food! I did not force baby food onto him when he truned six months because I wanted him to tell me when he was ready. I have done a lot of reading about how we underestimate the intelligence of our babies and their abilities to communicate to us about their needs. Of course, I have had to challenge myself to be more aware and understand his signals/communication. I enjoy baby led weaning because it gives him the power to use his hands and develop his skills.

Anyway, in this video I will discuss how often he breastfeeds, what I feed him, baby led weaning and how I introduce new food to him. Below, I have a image on Pinterest of the finger foods that I (soften and) give to him. After you watch this video, please leave a comment of what you do for your baby!

These are not the only foods that I allow him to feed himself, but just a reference point!

PIN THIS IMAGE (and save it for later)


Check out the Motherhood section for breastfeeding information, my cloth diaper journey and more!


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