Nashville’s Spiritual Store AromaG’s Botanica Has Expanded And It’s Amazing

I used to work near the BNA (Nashville Airport). On days when I didn’t have anything to do after work, I would visit the stores in that area. There’s a nice thrift store on Lebanon next to the hair school. I visited the hair school about three times for a blow out after I had relaxed my hair. She did a really good job too! To be clear, this was like 6 years ago. One day, I went into AromaG’s Botanica because I wanted some essential oils. I was moving away from perfumes and getting more into oils.

I was so in awe of how beautiful they had the store set up. As time passed, I kept visiting the store. I found out about the Galactic Expo through the store and went there with my aunt once. Talk about a huge selection!! There were so many vendors with crystals, tarot readings, jewelry, oils and so much more!

We visited the store a couple of weeks ago. It was heartwarming to see my fiancé’s excitement when we walked into the store. He was like a kid in the candy store.

When you first walk in, all of their essential oils will be to your left. They’re not cheap either, but they’re legit! They have a table with jewelry, ritual herbs, ritual items and more!

On the same wall as the essential oils, are the candles and mortar and pestles.

If you look to the right, after walking into the store, you will see all of their dried herbs. I love love love these for my tea and for rituals.

Straight ahead, they have oils that are already dressed and ready for use. I believe most of there are from Lucky Mojo. You can use the products that they have in the store to make your own oils though. I would recommend that or asking a spiritual guide to do it for you.

I love that it is in the airport area because it’s in a prime location for tourists. A great way for people to come in and get what they need during their stay.

In the back, they have handmade soaps and bath bombs galore. They all smelled so delicious!

In the very back room, past the bathroom, there is a room full of candles for rituals and spells. In this room, there are books with a wealth of information to help you on your spiritual journey. I love the range of their books. They even have books about Hoodoo! If you need help with setting up your altar, check out my blog post about Altar Set Up For Beginners  

AromaG’s Botanica has journal books and incense in this back room as well. I believe this room is where yoga and other events will take place because there were yoga mats.

I wish there was a wide range of representation among their tarot cards readers, yoga instructors and etc. However, I don’t think that is their fault. I think more people of color should reach out to make that connection.

I forgot to take a photo of the candle dressing section. In the back near the handmade soaps, they have a section where you can dress your candle after purchasing it. It had herbs, oils and more!

The store attendant was very courteous and the checkout was pleasant. We ended up leaving out with something I had been looking for for ages! I couldn’t find ancestor money anywhere! We bought a pack of that, incense, candles and a few other items.

There are so many items that I did not list here because their catalog is vast. So, you should make the trip to check them out!

If you are ever in Nashville, come check out AromaG’s Botanica for your loose tea herbs, essential oils, handmade soaps and spiritual needs!

AromaG’s Botanica – the aromagregory company

223 Donelson Pike

Nashville, TN 37214

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