30 Minute Coconut Mango Curry

An easy one-skillet curry that doesn’t skimp on flavor!

This 30 Minute Coconut Mango Curry is an EASY one-skillet curry that will be ready in 20 minutes and is full of flavor and kick! I wanted to account for prep and cooking the rice, so that is why I put it as 30 minutes total. Anyway, I made my first curry while I was pregnant with my son. If I am being honest, I kind of fudged it up by not having enough coconut milk. Let me tell you — nothing can replace the coconut milk either.

Although it is warm, well HOT, I enjoy a bowl of coconut mango curry. My favorite fruit is mangos and I love dishes that play with flavor profiles. So, I opted to add mango in with the other vegetables in the dish. After making this dish, you would drink the coconut milk based sauce alone! The coconut mango curry is savory, but there’s a natural sweetness added to it by the carrots, onion, and coconut milk. The lime juice helps to balance all of the flavors.

This curry has more of an Indian flavor profile because I used curry powder instead of a Thai curry paste. So, if you have a curry paste, please use that instead. The flavor profile may be slightly different, but it will still taste great. Biggie ate some of the broccoli and mango from this dish and the sauce was not too spicy for him at all. I still do a mixture of baby led weaning and homemade purees. If you have other veggies that you want to incorporate such as bell pepper and tomatoes — add them.

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