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T-Shirts Are Now Available

I held this off for the longest! Pretty often I have to remind myself that my circumstances do not have to be perfect before I start a project. So, I have released a few cute, catchy sayings with a few simple ones on T-Shirts. I am working in the background on more products to come for the Beauty, Education, Food and Spirituality categories of the store. In turn, I chose to use to handle the production and shipping of my shirts. I want to ensure that I still have time to tweak and perfect the other products that are to come! So, join the email list to get your free shipping coupons and more!

When you buy a shirt, send me an email with your order receipt and a photo of you wearing your shirt. I will send you a free sample of a sweet treat (shipping costs not included). You will be the first to taste before it hits the store! Please allow 1-2 weeks for your free sample from the date you send the email to me. Why so long? I would like to send the free samples out in batches.

What are you waiting for, huh? (I Know What You Did Last Summer much?)


Go ahead and check out the T-Shirts! SHOP NOW


C O N N E C T – W I T H – M E





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