#SpotlightSaturday: Twisted Sistuhs Wine

What if I told you that there is a black-owned wine located in Nashville, TN? I am sure that you are as excited and shocked as I am! Twisted Sistuhs is owned by friends, of over 10 plus years of love, that became family. Twisted Sistuhs and the concept was started in 2017, but officially launched in 2019. The owners of Twisted Sistuhs are sistuhs that are bosses in their own fields of expertise.

Ogechi Anyatonwu hails from Birmingham, AL and has her B.S. & M.E. in Electrical Engineering with an expertise in Supply Chain Management. She has managed large teams across the globe with an annual expenditure of above $2 Billion with eight-figure cost savings. She currently provides private consulting and supply-chain management to small businesses in health care, finance, and sports training. She brings her level of expertise to Twisted Sistuhs as the President & Chief Executive Officer.

LaKenya Bills hails from Big Spring, TX and has her BS and MBA in Accounting coupled with her CPA licensure. She has managed the revenue cycle of $11 Billion for Tennessee and it’s
agencies. At this time, she serves as the Controller of the State Department of Military and provides virtual CFO services. She brings her level of expertise to Twisted Sistuhs as the Chief
Financial Officer.

Twisted Sistuhs
“A drink with a twist”

Shayla O’Bard hails from Saginaw, MI and is a licensed cosmetologist that owns The Shayla O’Bard Salon in historical Antioch, TN. She is currently pursuing and beasting her Surgical Technician certification. She brings her finesse to the Twisted Sistuhs brand as the Chief Sales Officer & Brand Ambassador.

Kristi Alderson hails from Nashville, TN and served in the US Armed Forces military veteran. She is said to be the “the source behind [their] humble beginnings and beautiful sisterhood”. She is a pillar in the natural hair community and the creative force behind the Twisted Sistuhs product. Kristi’s boldness and resilience are why she is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of the organization’s marketing and advertising initiatives. She holds the title as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Twisted Sistuhs brand.

Do you see what I mean? WOW! What an amazing representation of black sisterhood! After you check out the interview, go follow them on Instagram and Email them to purchase your bottle of wine. Please let them know that The Brown Perfection sent you!

Instagram: @TwistedSistuhs (click on name to be taken to their page)

Email: cheers@twistedsistuhs.com

  • What’s the Twisted Sistuhs brand philosophy?

The name itself is authentic and representative of a sisterhood of innovative women who share a common philosophy…GOOD VIBES! Twisted Sistuhs provides an unparalleled
selection of wines with ingredients to satisfy everyone’s individual and unique palate! Our goal is reflective of our personalities…to create wines that are transcendent, unique, and
that you will crave from beginning to end.

  • Is the current selection a blend or from a specific grape? Tell me a little about the wine that you currently have available.

It is a red blend composed of 3 varietals (Cabernet, Merlot & Syrah)

  • What’s your biggest challenge as a wine owner?

Getting the world to notice Twisted Sistuhs in a heavily saturated market and producing a product(s) that is truly reflective of who we are.

  • What do you love about the wine industry? What would you like to see improved?

The wine industry could be compared to the medical field, it will ALWAYS be around. We
love the varietal of wines and how one grape can come from two different countries and because of this difference can completely change the note, the taste, the entire experience of the wine. We would like to see more DIVERSITY in the spirit industry!

  • If you had to pick one red and one white to drink for the next month with every dinner, what would you choose?

TWISTED SISTUHS of course for the red wine, and a nice sparkling wine for white.

  • What do you recommend to serve on a cheese platter with your wine (cheese type, fruit type, meat type and/or cracker type)?

Smoked gouda and blue cheese. Apricot fruit or jam paired with a variety of crackers. A
nice rack of lamb will do you wonders with our fine wine!

  • What is your favorite black-owned store in Nashville, TN (or surrounding cities)?
  1. Slim & Husky’s
  2. The Cake Project
  3. Vege-licious
  4. KinkyRootz Salon
  5. Shayla O’Bard Salon
  6. Polish Nails & Concierge
  • Does Twisted Sistuhs have any events or pop up shops on the horizon?

Our launch will be our next big event. Stay tuned to our social media for updates!

  • How do you define success?

We were all created to create. We are a tribe of successful women because we SUPPORT one another ALWAYS!!! We all realized that well-behaved women rarely make history so we have vowed to one another and this friendship to always allow one another to be exactly who we are and we embrace our differences reverently! This FREEDOM is our SUPERPOWER which allows us to exude that confidence and joy into our brand to create a product that we know will bring happiness to each and every one of our customers.

(from L to R): Ogechi Anyatonwu, Kristi Alderson, LaKenya Bills & (bottom) Shayla O’Bard
Twisted Sistuhs
“A drink with a twist”


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