Manifestation 101: Sex Magick

Sex is a sacred energy exchange.

Sex is carnal, creative energy.

The orgasm is energetically charged and can be harnessed to manifest your desires.

Sex is one of the most potent spiritual tools that exist in the physical. It is the physical action of intertwining your energy with another person’s energy. The act of sex is so powerful that it can make you stay in an energy exchange past the lesson because sex has the power to shift your emotional state. We use it to create life, form emotional connections, and for pleasure. However, sex can be utilized for more than physical gratification.

Sexual energy is a feeling that registers as a sensation in the body and can be transmuted. Transmutation is the process of converting one form of energy into another form of energy. When used properly after attaining spiritual awareness it is a powerful tool for manifestation.

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Sexual liberation should be intentional and done with complete awareness. Let’s be clear I am all for free agency. Spirituality includes sexuality. You can not claim to be spiritual and shame others for embracing their sexual energy. 

When I started to dive more into spirituality, I realized my sexual liberation could be dangerous if handled carelessly. A woman’s womb has the power to absorb the energy of whomever she blesses with her essence. As I have said on more than one occasion, one must keep a spiritual hygiene routine to maintain inner peace and balance. 

If you are a woman of caliber who invests in not only your physical, but spiritual, mental, and emotional, then your womb has benefits for any man that savors your essence. When you have fully stepped into your power, you will no longer want to give this away freely to anyone that doesn’t grasp this and honors it.

In short, get what you need, but do not forget to cleanse yourself of what does not serve you. 

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Step 1: The Mind

Too often we want to skip working on the soil and move straight to planting the seeds; simply because we want to reap the benefits from our fruit. Not only will this impact the longevity of your manifestation, but your ability to be gracious about them as well. So, do not — I REPEAT — do not move forward with sexual energy manifestation, until you have addressed the mind first.

The foundation of manifestation is that our thoughts create our reality. Every day you are performing magick. Every day you are taking your subconscious and conscious thoughts and bending them to your will.

Before we can get into your manifestation, we have to address the mind.

The most important and rewarding step of manifestation is ridding yourself of negative self-talk. By all means, criticism of yourself and your decisions is vital for optimal growth, but negative self-talk isn’t. It will take a conscious effort of constant supervision and observation to change it.

Your mind is at the center of your being. It encompasses your perception of the world, identity, and overall desires. It is the source of where your manifestation begins.

To truly understand how you have been manifesting your subconscious thoughts, you first must understand the nature of your self-talk.

Write down when you catch yourself doing it in your journal. Observe what brought about the negative self-talk. Make a note of how you feel at that moment. Put a date and time stamp on it for future reference as well.

Seriously, cut the bullshit of downing yourself.

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Step 2: Ground Yourself

After you have addressed the mind and how you speak to yourself, it is time to ground.

This vehicle, our bodies, is limited in space and have a limit to how much it can handle. In the context of energy, we typically express our limits through our coping mechanisms.

We either release, numb, or control.

Of the three mentioned, releasing can be a healthy coping mechanism. For example, journaling is a form of release. An unhealthy form of release is creating unnecessary drama around them through gossiping, triangulation, and manipulation. When one chooses to numb, they may abuse alcohol, food, sex, etc. Lastly, control is most often rooted in shame or insecurity that has been left unchecked.

When you ground yourself, you stabilize the energy within yourself to welcome more sensation (or feeling to the sexual organs). In addition to my blog post about grounding, I highly recommend journaling every day. It is a significant tool for keeping your thoughts in check. Items such as crystals and sage are great spiritual tools, but the main and strongest ingredient in your spiritual journey is you.

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Step 3: Visualization

Visualization techniques have been used for centuries.

Athletes, successful business owners and spiritual advisors all have used visualization techniques to manifest their desires. The subconscious mind can not decipher between what is real and what is imagined. This part of the mind also does not process words; only images. 

Consciously you are using a mental trick to tell your subconscious mind to act on the images that it has seen. Furthermore, your subconscious mind will motivate you toward the goal through your actions and self-talk. 


As you orgasm while masturbating, visualize what you want to manifest. See it happening as you climax. This will take practice because it is natural for you to focus on the sensation, or feeling, of pleasure. As you get better at redirecting your attention, try saying affirmations to yourself as well. I know, it feels weird at first, but it will flow better with practice.


If you have cultivated spiritual intimacy with this person and have shared goals, then visualize the same desire together at the climax. You can take this intimacy a step further by speaking affirmations to one another while having sex. If you feel a bit insecure about it, view it as you telling this person what you love about them or speaking who they want to be into fruition.

If you are already on the kinkier side of things and talk dirty during sex, speaking affirmations will flow a little bit easier for you.

You do not have to do this with every orgasm. Have fun with yourself and your partner. Sex is for physical pleasure as well. Don’t take yourself too seriously because your ego doesn’t need more ammunition.

Step 4: Trust The Process/Let Go

Acknowledge, then release. 

You want to set your goals and intentions, then allow them to manifest by letting them go.

In turn, this will set you free to be present and in the moment. Therefore, your subconscious and conscious will be working to achieve and attract what you need in order to manifest your goals and not focused on thinking about your goals.

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