Spiritual Hygiene 101: 5 Ways To Cleanse Yourself

As I mentioned in my Dating & Relationships 101: Situationships blog post, we place a lot of focus on academics, acceptance, and appearance. When the word “hygiene” is said, you automatically think of the physical. Since we are conditioned to focus on the Triple-A, we address hygiene through bathing, teeth brushing, etc.

What about you cleansing yourself of unwanted energy? Did you know that a simple hug can be a transference of energy? What about balancing out your energy to ensure natural flow? Did you know that an energy disruption can attract unwanted intentions and people, stifle your productivity and impact you mentally & emotionally?

Please continue reading to find out how to call your power back to you.


So, before you can start your spiritual hygiene routine, you have to be aware of the energy. If you’re not aware of it, then you won’t understand its impacts. As mentioned in high school science, “energy can not be created nor destroyed”. Energy is what Albert Einstein calculated as “E=MC^2”. However, modern scientists don’t believe in spiritual energy because it isn’t quantifiable. Yet, spiritual energy has always been acknowledged throughout cultures and religions. For example, the Chinese call it Chi, and the Kemetic spiritual system is the basis of Christianity.

Everything around you is constantly moving; even though you can’t see it with the naked eye. Therefore, said energy can be moved from one life force to the next. Spiritual energy flows throughout all of us (and connects all of us).

This energy can be manipulated through your intentions and manifestations. Therefore, if a person is moving selfishly through their intentions, they will continue to manifest that same energy. Your energy is projected through a field around you, which is referred to as being your “aura”.


Your energy can be impacted by the people around you. Have you ever hugged someone or interacted with a person and could feel a subtle shift within yourself? Every day we encounter obstacles and negativity. It’s impossible to not have challenges in life and/or not come across negative energy. If you are not consistent in cleansing yourself of said negativity, even your own, then this energy builds up and manifests in your intentions and creates a blockage in your chakras.

On the flip side, if you have done the work to heal yourself and/or are an empath, people that need healing will naturally be drawn to you. This is why, to an extent, I disagree with the saying: “you are who you attract”. Healers will always attract those needing to be healed. When their energy is transferred to you, you must cleanse yourself. Especially when you are a spiritual/lightworker.



In my blog post HERE, I talk about how to ground yourself.

Spiritual Bath

If you are unsure about what herbs and essentials you will need, reach out to your spiritual advisor, or use the Contact Form for assistance. In all honesty, all you truly need is water and your intentions, but a spiritual bath concoction will further enhance and cement your overall desired results. If only using water, visualize the water cleansing your body of all negative energy and negative intentions.


In my Grounding post, mentioned above, I briefly touch on the purpose of crystals. You must keep cleansing crystals either on your person or on your altar. I have clear quartz for my altar and amethyst on a necklace.


A well-known practice of cleansing is the burning of sage. When cleansing your person, always set your intention first. I like to write it down, fold it in my hand, and then pass the sage smoke all over my body with the hand that’s holding my intentions. If you need help with writing your intention(s), please use the Contact Form.

Musical Mediation

Musical therapy involves the use of music at a certain frequency to invoke cosmic healing. In musical mediation, you want to play music at 432 Hz because it is said to be the natural frequency of the universe. While the music is playing, close your eyes and only focus on your breathing. Be mindful of it. Feel it course through your lungs and exhale. Be mindful of how your body feels when you inhale and exhale.


If you are a beginner, I recommend choosing one practice to do every day. Please do not overwhelm yourself by choosing to do all of them daily. Pick one that resonates with you and add it to your daily routine. Pay attention to the difference that you feel. If you need any assistance, please use the Contact Form to start your spiritual cleansing.

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