#SpotlightSaturdays: EmpressMoret

Keondra hails from Nashville, TN and will take the clean beauty industry by storm with her brand’s spiritually charged philosophy. She is no stranger to skin and haircare with her curl custards and rose serums giving revitalization through all natural ingredients.

EmpressMoret has two clean beauty brands that will launch with products in 2019. You can expect plant-based bodycare through her brand Pure Given in the Fall. If you are looking for all natural lip products, then her lip gloss line, Moret Cosmetics, will be available in the Spring. Follow her directly here: EmpressMoret and check out the interview below.

• For those who haven’t heard of EmpressMoret, what is your brand’s philosophy?

I believe that every woman deserves to pamper herself in products that won’t affect their health in a negative way.

• What inspired you to start Empress Moret?

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was a child. About five years ago I decided to switch over to using products with natural/organic ingredients after discovering information on harmful chemicals in most products at that time. I started making natural deodorant, toothpaste, body butters, and soaps for personal use and gifting them to family and friends. After positive feedback on the products, I decided to take it more serious. I’m pretty much self-taught and still learning and studying today.

• What EmpressMoret product do you personally use the most and why?

I use my Rose Serum the most, it’s a facial moisturizer with great benefits that I also use as a light perfume. Rose is one of my favorite scents and ingredient to work with. I plan on posting a DIY recipe video for it on YouTube soon.

• Empress Moret consists of clean beauty products. Can you explain what exactly makes it clean and how it is different from other clean beauty products?

The products are clean because they consist of natural oils, herbs, and other plant-derived ingredients. What makes my products different is the intentional healing energy that is placed in every product formulated.

• What restaurant in Nashville (or surrounding cities) is a hidden gem to you and why?

I love the SouthernV! It’s a black-owned vegan soul food restaurant located in North Nashville. I don’t have anything negative to say about them. My favorite thing to order ‘Nashville’ Hot Chick’n Strips with two sides of Mac’n’Cheeze.

• What, if any, are the challenges that you face as an artist?

When I’m passionate about something I can become completed engulfed in the project, which results in me not allotting myself enough [time] to rest and recharge.

• What, if anything, is usually on your lips?

A purple lipstick, lipgloss, or pencil.

• Artistically speaking, what’s one thing that people do not know about you? 

I’ve created about five electronic styled songs. I may release in the future.

• What’s exciting you at the moment?

The growth of black-owned health conscious businesses.

• Are there any quotes or words of affirmation that you live by? If so, what is it?

Beauty is an expression of the Most High.

• What can we expect in 2019?

I will be focusing on creating more content for my YouTube channel. I plan on posting plant-based DIY videos and green beauty reviews. I’m still working on the rebrand of EmpressMoret which may include a name change. I have a few directions I would like to take the brand, I will announce more details in 2019.

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