Shadow Work: Guide To Recovery & Enlightenment

Are you interested in taking the journey to enlightenment of self? Do you wish to have more inner peace? Are unsure about your triggers and why they happen? Do you have unresolved trauma? Do you want to know what shadow work entails? 

I wanted to make shadow work a blog post, but decided to gather all of the information and put it into an eBook. This should be downloaded to your phone (or computer). Although it is very short and simple, it houses information in it that will help you to reveal the darkest places of you that you choose to not confront. I believe shadow work is imperative for our community because raising a healthy, stable family is the beginning of an everlasting legacy. The best way to take back your power is by doing it in your own household. However, first you have to address your own shadow. Your shadow could unknowingly be the reason behind all of the chaos and destruction in your life. 

After you read the Shadow Work book, I want you to write down one of the questions that resonates with you most in the image above. Then, rapid write about what you think about the topic. Write down what comes to your mind. Next, allot yourself the time to truly think and cultivate answers. To be clear, there aren’t any right or wrong answers. However, the purpose of this exercise is to be genuine and honest with your responses to the question. Look at the answers you put for the question and dig deeper with the following questions:

  • Why do I really believe this?
  • Did I adopt this belief from someone else?
  • Did this belief originate from my childhood?
  • When do I reinforce this belief in my life?
  • When did I start to hold strongly to this belief?
  • How does this belief manifest in my life?
  • What emotional feeling reinforces this belief?

Find the judgement in each belief and break it down even more so than before to find why you are holding onto this belief.

Purchase Shadow Work: Step-By-Step Guide To Enlightenment to find out how to release and move forward. Send me a message to find out how to purchase the step-by-step guide. 

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Image Credit: Photo by Victor from Pexels

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