Black Moon Lilith And What It Says About You

I used to become extremely offended when someone would state their opinion of astrology not being real. Wait, it wasn’t the opinion of it not being real, but the further claims of how I am believing in a fairytale. It was not until I completed shadow work that I realized that it wasn’t the nasty manner in how they delivered their opinion that offended me, but because of the lack of my own self-assurance with astrology. To combat that feeling, I delved more into its origins. It was there where I found its purpose, where I found out more about myself, and where I found the reason why I leaned into it so. Astrology gave me the template I needed to heal my divine feminine and walk into my power. However, this isn’t about astrology in its totality, but about how the Black Moon Lilith relates to you in your journey to your higher self. Shall we?

Who Is Lilith

Typically, Lilith is associated with derogative terms that devalue her power. It comes as no surprise that Lilith is represented as rebellious in patriarchal contexts. However, not all cultures and religions view Lilith as an unsavory Goddess. The Black Moon Lilith is a divine feminine archetype that is cloaked in mystery, which is fitting because of its relation to the shadow self. Lilith represents liberation, freedom, and autonomy.

Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith is not an actual planet in the sky; it is represented by a dark void of the moon. She is connected to your inner shadow, most importantly the why behind where you put your foot down and express your anger.

As the shadow placement, it is a way to reveal the parts of yourself that you are ashamed of expressing to others.

Lilith relates to your sensuality and sexuality, as well as how you choose to (or don’t) go against social norms. Here you can find your unique sensual nature and your seductive powers. When you are confident in your shadow, you feel empowered. However, when you have not accepted your shadow, you feel exposed.

Your Black Moon Lilith is not the same as your Sun Sign. You will need your birth date, birth time and birth location (city and state). It is a completely different sign, so click here to find your Black Moon Lilith and read from that perspective. Be aware that astrology is a template that can be manipulated through life experiences. Take what you need and leave the rest.

How Lilith Impacts You

Lilith in Aries

It is no secret that Aries loves a good fight (verbally, of course). This placement may feel shame in asserting themselves, which can lead to extreme behavior. It is important that Aries finds an outlet for their emotions and typically this involves physical hobbies. Whether it is working out, gardening or biking, it serves Aries to release that energy, With this placement, your Lilith will push you to be independent and turn your anger into action because she feels you have something to prove — and that’s okay. Pay attention when you become restless in love, especially as it relates to your high sex drive.

Lilith in Taurus

With this placement, Lilith is grounded and sensual. If this is your placement, then you love all things sensory-oriented, especially when tied to the game of seduction. Taurus is all about security, when this is a heavy focus it can lead to anxiety and pressure in other areas of your life. It is important that you are aware of your own pace. This placement loves to savor and punish themselves for wanting more out of life by remaining stagnant. Pay close attention to why you stay in situations that are no longer serving you.

Lilith in Gemini

Lilith in Gemini wants to experience it all. Your greatest weapon is your mind, but you have a very sharp tongue that may not be favored among your circles. There could be shame and jealousy of others whom express themselves freely. You may have experienced a stifling of your curiosity in childhood, so be aware of how your lack of knowing pushes you to extreme behavior. You are the twins, so you have a tendency to be on and off a lot, so you may flip on the people around you.

Lilith in Cancer

Cancer is known for their ability to make others feel at home due to their maternal side. With this placement, you completely embody the divine feminine. And because of this, you have a tendency to over-extend yourself to others around you. At times, this placement has felt shame for needing or being dependent on others and may become angry when someone expresses their own needs from others. Be aware of this by leaning into your divine feminine— stop running from it.

Lilith in Leo

This placement has the highest point for Lilith, as it is the zenith, and translates to the person having an extreme presence amongst those around them. Although confident, you may come off with a need to seek validation from external sources because you feel shame when others do so themselves. This shame leads to extreme behaviors as a means for attention. Self acceptance is the key and knowing that healthy moderation is okay.

Lilih in Virgo

With this placement, you know exactly what you want and how to get it. You rely heavily on your discernment, but be careful not to let it allow you to get carried away. When you do, it morphs into a projection of perfectionism, which becomes a burden to those that you love, especially your romantic interests. You have felt shame for your attention to detail and may go to extremes to prove you’re not ordinary. You may leave projects unfinished because of the inevitable reality that you may not execute it perfectly; this is an example of your extreme behavior of purging any and everything that doesn’t fit your cookie cutter standards. Accept these parts of yourself and be aware of the projections you place on others.

Lilith in Libra

When Lilith embodies Libra, it is all about balance, but this could lead to a constant struggle to attain. This placement has felt shame for needing and wanting companionship. On the flip side, this placement may feel burdened by those who display traits of dependency. When you focus on being the perfect partner, you lose yourself, which is an extreme behavior for you. Be aware of when you’re projecting your longing for companionship onto others.

Lilith in Scorpio

It has been noted that Lilith does not have a ruling sign, but it is stated that Lilith is associated with Scorpio. Bear in mind that Scorpio is associated with the dark mystique, including sex and death. Here, the Lilith energy feels most at home. She will amplify your seductive nature and psychic abilities. This placement may feel shame for their need for intimacy and contact. In turn, they feel wrong for their need of possession and become uncomfortable around anyone that is passionate or attached. When not grounded you can resort to extreme behaviors of avoidance; accept yourself.

Lilith in Sagittarius

With this placement, you may have felt shame for your curiosity and need for expansion, which can lead to a pursuit of hedonism without direction. Avoid excess indulgence when on your journey. It will be in your nature to rebel against anything impeding your freedom. Be aware when this may be against your greater good; not all control is bad, especially when in your best interest away from your indulgent nature. Lean into your sensual and sexual nature; running from it will only lead to unnecessary projection.

Lilith in Capricorn

Your shadow self will be attracted to reaching new heights. At times, you have felt ashamed for wanting worldly things and your ambitions. This can translate into you not feeling comfortable around those of a higher status or materialistic people. It is imperative to get in tune with your ambitions and to focus on them. When you become uncomfortable with them, you may go to extremes, like overspending, then feel badly afterwards. Accept this aspect of yourself and become comfortable with moderation.

Lilith in Aquarius

This placement feels shame for wanting to feel included, in a group, team or community. At times, you may project this longing by being cautious of people whom embody and accept their need for community. When you do not accept that it is okay to want community, you many binge social gathering, feel shame, retreat to self and repeat the cycle. Be aware of when you need community, accept it and understand that moderation is key.

Lilith in Pisces

You may become lost in a dream world; out of touch with reality. At times, maybe all the time, you enjoy your dream world more than reality because of your vivid imagination. This placement feels shame for being needy and compassionate. They have a tendency to become frustrated with people whom do not take charge because of their own inability to do so. Due to this, it is important that you keep yourself grounded and in tune to avoid running from your reality. When you do not accept yourself, it leads to extreme behaviors of binging and purging continuously with catastrophic outcomes. Accept yourself for who you are— even your flaws.

Final Words

Again, take what you need and leave the rest. Do you hear me though?



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