Atlanta’s Cafe Sunflower Review

Hitting this spot to taste their eats was on my “to do” list for the longest. The menu enticed me. Plus I visited a restaurant of a similar name in Nashville, TN. I visited the Cafe Sunflower in the district of Buckhead in Atlanta.

So, let me just get the cons out of the way — parking. Please try to get there at a decent time of the day if it is the weekend or lunch hour. Listen, the parking was pretty limited. There was somewhere to park on the backend of the lot, but I was wearing heels with a toddler in tow. Uh, nah. So, I parked closer to the restaurant entrance in the valet parking. Yup, I sure did! I do not recommend anyone to do that, but just be aware of the parking dilemma. They do have a parking deck, but dress accordingly.

Anyway, I sat down after about five minutes into a booth that was located near the entrance. Our waitress was very knowledgeable about the menu and comfortable with suggesting options. I love a good mushroom burger. So, I had to taste their version of it. I ordered a glass of Rose too. Ugh, it was so good.

The burger looked delectable and made my mouth water! I mean, look at it! The sweet potato fries were a nice size to accommodate the robust flavor of the burger. I don’t like a small sweet potato fry.

I loved the palette cleanser of the salad on the side as well.

All of the desserts are Vegan! Look at this damn spread! They have something for chocolate lovers, coconut lovers, vanilla lovers and more! I was taken aback and ready to devour them all.

I chose the carrot cake because that is actually my favorite cake and I don’t get to enjoy it often because where can you just buy a vegan carrot cake? Exactly. The cake was balanced, moist and smooth. My taste buds were appreciative of the experience that Cafe Sunflower delivered.

I can’t wait to visit over and over to try each dessert!

Cafe Sunflower


2140 Peachtree Road,

Atlanta, GA 30309


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