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Atlanta’s UniTea Market Review

Biggie and I had the pleasure of attending UniTea Market’s Official Grand Opening with a friend of mine. It is located at the West End of Atlanta near the West End Mall. She saw the flyer and sent it to me, so we made plans to attend. The venue is the 640 West Cafe with… Continue reading Atlanta’s UniTea Market Review

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#TasteyTuesday: Viva La Vegan (Atlanta, GA)

Let's address the elephant in the room: it's not Tuesday anymore. I know, I know. I have a few things in the works right now and they are taking up my time coupled with Biggie Smalls (my baby boy). So, this #TasteyTuesday is going up today. I visited home for a brief moment a few… Continue reading #TasteyTuesday: Viva La Vegan (Atlanta, GA)