Atlanta’s UniTea Market Review

Biggie and I had the pleasure of attending UniTea Market’s Official Grand Opening with a friend of mine. It is located at the West End of Atlanta near the West End Mall.

She saw the flyer and sent it to me, so we made plans to attend. The venue is the 640 West Cafe with food provided by Tassili’s Raw Reality and sounds by The Ear Dr.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you have already seen photos of the food and videos of the venue. They had another grand opening a couple of months ago, but recently went under new management.

The venue is spacious and the bathrooms were amazing. I know that’s weird to rave about a bathroom, but as a mom this has become really important to me. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the venue *facepalm*.

We arrived at around 11:30AM and ordered our food. The menu included Avocado Toast, Fiesta Burrito and McVegan. I ordered the burrito, which had vegan bacon, chickpea flour eggs and sautéed vegetables + an OJ. The guy that took my order was nice and made jokes (that flew right over my head lol).

The platings were beautiful and everything on it was edible! Biggie enjoyed eating the burrito too. It was so good that I wanted to order another one, but they only had one person working the food station, which yielded a higher wait time. However, it was worth the wait! The McVegan is pictured on the flyer.

After we ate, someone came and asked us how our meal tasted and if we were enjoying ourselves at the grand opening. This was a nice managerial touch!

They had an array of drink options; from smoothies to coffees and juices. My fiancé ordered a ginger strawberry juice and it was really tasty.

When you have a chance, please check out UniTea Coffee!

UniTea Coffee


640 Evans Street, Atlanta, GA 300310


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