#TasteyTuesday: Viva La Vegan (Atlanta, GA)

Let’s address the elephant in the room: it’s not Tuesday anymore. I know, I know. I have a few things in the works right now and they are taking up my time coupled with Biggie Smalls (my baby boy). So, this #TasteyTuesday is going up today. I visited home for a brief moment a few weeks ago and we made sure to hit at least one Vegan restaurant. We pulled up on Slutty Vegan, but the line was bananas! I would have stood in it, but Biggie Smalls is a hefty boy and holding him in line for hours was just not in our plans. Viva La Vegan was roughly five minutes around the corner and we were going to try their restaurant as well anyway.

I used to live in that area in the apartments across the street from the train station on Lee Street. Walking to West End Mall, Krispy Kreme, and Big Bear Foods are memories that I have from high school. If you look on the map, you can see Afrocentric is located in this area too. In my last Outfit Of The Day I wore a pair of earrings that I bought from there.

Google Maps

I digress. Viva La Vegan is located on down Lee Street. We almost missed the turn into Viva La Vegan because the sign is small, so watch out for that. When we pulled into the parking lot, my fiancée noted how there was someone with a Tesla vehicle parked and chilling near his car. I honestly didn’t pay it any attention because I was hungry.

Sekayi Google Reviews of Viva La Vegan

They had about four to five tables and chairs lined up against the wall by the door for seating. We were third in line and looked at the menu to see what we wanted. The woman taking our order was very patient with him while he asked his questions. My fiancée almost always has questions (or an extended pause) whenever it is time to order.

Viva La Vegan Menu (4/2019)

He ordered the Philly (with fries) and I ordered the Shrimp Po’ Boy (no fries because I did not want any). It took us about eight to ten minutes to get our food. Which didn’t feel that long because I was watching the tv and music videos from Outkast and Eddie Murphy. There was a beautiful couple that fell in love with Biggie Smalls and we exchanged warming stares with one another. She had gorgeous hair and style of dress.

We got out food and it looked delicious!!!

Viva La Vegan Philly

My fiancée would like to add that his Philly was smacking. Which means that it was great lol 🙂

Viva La Vegan Shrimp Po’ Boy

The first bite into my Shrimp Po’ Boy was heavenly! I am not kidding around guys and gals! It was orgasmic beyond belief! I did not expect for the animal-free shrimp to taste so much like shrimp! The texture was on point! The sauce was really good too and the texture of the grilled bread was banging!

Viva La Vegan Shrimp Po’ Boy

I made sure to catch a picture of how flaky the animal-free shrimp was and the breading on it. Y’all stop playing with your life and go check this place out, if you are in Atlanta. When you travel to my hometown, please visit Viva La Vegan. It will be worth the $$ and time.

  • Address: 1265 Lee Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30310
  • Phone: (404) 951-2737
  • Price Range: $$ ($11-$30)


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