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Atlanta’s Cafe Sunflower Review

Hitting this spot to taste their eats was on my "to do" list for the longest. The menu enticed me. Plus I visited a restaurant of a similar name in Nashville, TN. I visited the Cafe Sunflower in the district of Buckhead in Atlanta. So, let me just get the cons out of the way… Continue reading Atlanta’s Cafe Sunflower Review

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My First Build-Your-Own Noodle Bowl

I absolutely love Asian cuisine! I mean from the Vietnamese Pho to the Cantonese-American dishes! The flavor profile with the play on different textures has always been a favorite of mine. In short, I eat a lot of it. It had been awhile since we had been out to eat because my fiancé's schedule has… Continue reading My First Build-Your-Own Noodle Bowl

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Vegan Tuna Is Now Available At Walmart: Loma Linda Fishless Tuna

As we all know, Walmart has a very small section for their plant-based and vegan products. Honestly, I forgo looking at it because I utilize other stores for their health-conscious section. However, on this particular day, I decided to take a gander and really dissect what they had on their shelves. I noticed that they… Continue reading Vegan Tuna Is Now Available At Walmart: Loma Linda Fishless Tuna

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What I Eat In A Day | Plant Based ​Lifestyle

I have been plant based for roughly 4 months now and transitioned into it from being Vegan for a year. I have my moments where I indulge. Overall my diet is plant based with mostly fruits and vegetables. I am finding new ways to eat with this lifestyle and I love it! If you rely… Continue reading What I Eat In A Day | Plant Based ​Lifestyle

black bean burger with sweet potato fries

Black Bean Burgers

This burger was easy to make and so tasty!! I was browsing on what to cook for dinner the night prior and landed on making burgers, but I wanted the burgers to have a "twist" to them and not just be the usual "veggie burger". I decided I wanted to replicate a burger that I… Continue reading Black Bean Burgers