Nashville’s Spiritual Store AromaG’s Botanica Has Expanded And It’s Amazing

I used to work near the BNA (Nashville Airport). On days when I didn’t have anything to do after work, I would visit the stores in that area. There’s a nice thrift store on Lebanon next to the hair school. I visited the hair school about three times for a blow out after I had relaxed my hair. She did a really good job too! … Continue reading Nashville’s Spiritual Store AromaG’s Botanica Has Expanded And It’s Amazing

How To Do A Full Moon Ritual

In modern culture, we tend to focus on material productivity and ignore that we are fundamentally cyclic creatures. We have it in our heads that following and being aware of the cycles is “evil” and “unproductive”. In all transparency, I too used to think this way. The moon has cycles…or phases. Our bodies are amazing quantum physics machines that have the capability to sense and … Continue reading How To Do A Full Moon Ritual

#SpotlightSaturdays: Hoodoo Hippy

Sha’Mira, owner of Hoodoo Hippy, originally hails from Atlantic City, New Jersey, but currently calls Dallas, GA her home. I was first introduced to Sha’Mira’s work after taking a gander at her website and instantly identified with her personal story about her grandmother. Hoodoo Hippy is a website that is a shot with no chaser; she shows what she has to offer and provides background … Continue reading #SpotlightSaturdays: Hoodoo Hippy

#SpotlightSaturdays: Black Owned Spiritual/Magick Shops

Even if you are a novice or an expert, it is imperative that you support black businesses. Let’s be clear, there have been times when I have needed a candle and certain salts quickly and could not wait for them to come in the mail, so I went to a local shop here in Nashville. When I was first starting out in my spirituality, it … Continue reading #SpotlightSaturdays: Black Owned Spiritual/Magick Shops