#SpotlightSaturdays: Black Owned Spiritual/Magick Shops

Even if you are a novice or an expert, it is imperative that you support black businesses. Let’s be clear, there have been times when I have needed a candle and certain salts quickly and could not wait for them to come in the mail, so I went to a local shop here in Nashville. When I was first starting out in my spirituality, it was pretty hard trying to find like-minded individuals, which would also translate to it being harder to find local black owned spiritual businesses. If you are in cities where the spiritual community is more robust, such as Atlanta and Louisiana, then finding local shops won’t be such a hassle.

I resolved this problem by shopping for basic necessities, such as eggs, altar dressings, salts, and herbs, in abundance to ensure that I had things as I needed them. When you support the companies below, you are strengthening our community and you have the opportunity to learn about your spirituality from a person that looks like you. When you are molding and shaping your identity, it is important that you see yourself in those around you.

This is not a complete list, but take a look at a few of the shops below for items ranging from soaps, yoni eggs, crystals, oils, honey jars, personal readings and more! If you shop with any of these businesses, please support this blog and let them know in the notes of your order that TheBrownPerfection sent you!

Hoodoo Hippy

hoodoo hippy spiritual logo

Hoodoo Hippy is a shop owned by Sha’Mira who made her evolutionary journey to spirituality after the departure of her late grandmother. I identify with her journey in recognition that my own spirituality came full circle after the death of my own. Hoodoo Hippy features handmade (ritual) soaps, incense, bath bombs, and body oils. She even is available if you need root work done.

Website: https://www.hoodoohippy.com

Viollette Room

the gillette room spiritual

The Viollette Room, owned by Courtney, features an array of products ranging from abundance butters, attraction oils and crystals to healing webinars and personal readings. Courtney got her start in honing her talents after experiencing familial and personal traumas that pushed her into the arena of healing herself through spirituality. Again, another life journey that I identify with after prevailing through my own personal traumatic experiences in life.

Website: https://violletteroom.com

Naturotica Wellness

naturotica spiritual nerissa

Nerissa, a Jamaican-born woman, started her wellness business with the intent to “teach the emotional and psychological aspects of sex for women” through her products and workshops. Too often, black women are not taught about their Yoni in an empowering manner. I love her mission and how that is carried out through her lifestyle, vegan products, and personal workshops. On the website, she features products such as yoni eggs, fertility crystals, feminine wash, kegel sex toys and information on yoni eggs prior to your purchase.

Website: https://naturoticawellness.com

The Afro Mystic

the afro mystic spiritual

Receiving her ancestral ties from her Great-Great Grandmother, the Afro Mystic store is owned by a woman who spared no expense to gain her desired certifications to ensure of her services. Certified in Hypnotherapy, Evolutionary Astrology, and an ordained minister, among others, the Afro Mystic offers a wide range of services and products. You can shop for her many consultation services (including business and couples), uncrossing spells, attend spiritual school to center and hone your skills and even blessed altar dressings. I feel that her spiritual school is a phenomenal service because it gives its pupils the tools to develop spiritually with guided direction.

Website: http://www.theafromystic.com 

After you have what you need, scroll down to see the posts below on how you can use those items. 

If you need assistance with setting up your altar, click here. Also, check out the Full Moon and New Moon ritual posts to use the items that you purchase from the stores above.


C O N N E C T – W I T H – M E


5 thoughts on “#SpotlightSaturdays: Black Owned Spiritual/Magick Shops

  1. Hey sis great article, those Sistahs have some great products. There’s also this DOPE Sistah in ATL who makes Copper Waistbeads, they are the most beautiful waistlets I’ve ever had. Just thought I’d share her name is instagram.com/HoniMontique

    Big ups sis, Peace’n’Love


    1. Thank you for the feedback! I would love to feature this business, but she doesn’t have any items in her shop.


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