chipotle student bogo

Chipotle Will Have BOGO’s on Saturday, But…


Yes, you read the title correctly! Chipotle is having BOGO this Saturday, 8/18. So, you can order a burrito, salad, bowl, taco’s or a kid’s meal and get an exact replica of that order for FREE. Yes, for THEE FREE. However, there is a small catch…

chipotle student bogo

YOU HAVE TO BE A STUDENT. Chipotle is having the BOGO in celebration for Back To School for all students at participating locations. Although you have to be a student to redeem this BOGO, you only have to verbally tell the cashier that you’re a student and you qualify for the BOGO offer. Yup, you don’t need ID or a skin barcode for them to verify that you are a student. You can also redeem this offer online by following the steps below by entering the 7-digit offer code.

chipotle bogo student

So, visit or call your local Chipotle now to see if they are participating in this BOGO deal. You want to get there ahead of the crowd because I am sure there will be a crowd. Enjoy!

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