#SpotlightSaturdays: Hoodoo Hippy

Sha’Mira, owner of Hoodoo Hippy, originally hails from Atlantic City, New Jersey, but currently calls Dallas, GA her home. I was first introduced to Sha’Mira’s work after taking a gander at her website and instantly identified with her personal story about her grandmother. Hoodoo Hippy is a website that is a shot with no chaser; she shows what she has to offer and provides background about herself. She doesn’t have the fancy layouts and fonts because her work speaks for itself.

HooDoo Hippy has an array of products that can be used from the novice to the expert. She has hand-dipped incense, a great representation for fire on an altar, among other products. If you need information on how to start your altar, please check out my Altar Set Up For Beginners blog post after you purchase from her store. Now, check out the interview with her below!

HooDoo Hippy store can be found HERE. SALE: All soaps are half off through the end of the month!

HooDoo Hippy’s Instagram can be found HERE.

Do you have a background in religion? If so, what was it like?

I was raised Christian, Baptist. I grew up in Black churches and the holy ghost was a mainstay. I come from a family of hoodoo practitioners, which was just what we did, and I didn’t really realize it was different or separate from the way other Christians practiced religion until I was much older. I have always been considered “spiritually gifted” by my family based on intuitive abilities and thankfully it was encouraged. I was also closely surrounded by Judaism and Islam growing up, so my worldview of religion is that it all leads to God.    

What experiences have most shaped your spiritual life?

I have memories of my maternal great-grandmother and grandmother doing hoodoo rituals throughout my childhood which really shapes my practice today. There’s not one experience that shapes my spiritual life, per se, but an accumulation of experiences within my family that has shaped it.   

How important is spirituality to your life now?

Spirituality is central to my life now. Hoodoo is very practical magick and I employ it for EVERYTHING. 

When and why did you start your business?

I started Hoodoo Hippy 2 years ago. My grandmother passed away and she left behind her prayer book, which awakened my spirituality. I felt compelled to do more rootwork and do it for others after she passed. I received a tarot reading that further motivated me to start the business.  

Do you ship internationally?

I do ship internationally.

Is it important to you for you to cleanse yourself before completing conjure and rootwork for your clientele? Why or Why not?

Cleansing is an important part of conjure for me to remove energy and spirit before performing rootwork. I cleanse to remove old and ill conditions in order to make way for the new work. 

Of all the products that you offer, which one do you use the most in your personal life?

I use all of my products pretty regularly. I use the spiritual soaps the most. I also use the floor washes often between cleaning my own house and doing house cleansings for others.

What is your deepest intention?

I don’t know if I have found my deepest intent yet. I think I am still realizing it. When I am meditating on intention, I feel like it is still fear based. Right now, I am deep into protection for myself and others. I think we’re in the midst of spiritual warfare and its needed. 

Do you seek social approval? Why or Why not?

I do not seek social approval, especially not in my spirituality. My spirituality is between me and God. I have no desire to model my relationship with God and spirit on anyone’s approval. At this point in my journey, I’m perfectly fine if my social circle is just spirit. I believe I won’t have to seek approval from those that I am aligned with. 

What’s exciting you right now?

I am reading a book on the life of Marie Laveau right now, which is kind of exciting. 

How do you want to be remembered?

I’d like to leave a legacy of spirituality, activism, and liberation. 

What is one quote that resonates with you?

“I found God in myself and I loved her, I loved her fiercely” -Ntozake Shange

Sha’Mira, owner of Hoodoo Hippy

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