How To Do A Full Moon Ritual

In modern culture, we tend to focus on material productivity and ignore that we are fundamentally cyclic creatures. We have it in our heads that following and being aware of the cycles is “evil” and “unproductive”. In all transparency, I too used to think this way. The moon has cycles…or phases. Our bodies are amazing quantum physics machines that have the capability to sense and radiate energy. If you are aware of the energy cycle and use it to your advantage, then you will be operating efficiently in your physical self. So, what does any of this have to do with a Full Moon Ritual?

What Is A Full Moon?

The Full Moon will be on 02/19 at 15:53UTC (or 10:53AM EST). During a Full Moon, the Moon is on the exact opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. The moon is entirely illuminated by the sun at this time, so this is why it appears “full” to the human eye. The gravitational force of the sun and moon pulls the ocean’s tides high; whereas in other areas they are low to create those tides. Therefore, the moon magnifies what is present, which is what you will use for your full moon ritual. The full moon is about embodiment because it accentuates what you have been focusing on thus far. Whatever you are feeling during this time, in mind, body and spirit, will be magnified. The full moon can increase positive energy or intensity negative emotions. This is why it was important for you to read and complete the How To Do A New Moon Ritual. If you have not completed your New Moon ritual, I recommend to hold off on a Full Moon ritual.

Simple Ritual

Rituals can get very detailed and elaborate, but a simple ritual will serve the same purpose. So, if this is your first time, don’t allow your inexperience to intimidate you. You truly only need the basics of a ritual and your intentions to manifest with the full moon. Remember, the full moon represents manifestation and magnifying the energy needed for them. You will need the following:

A tall white candle

Salt (I recommend Lavender Bath Salt)

Sage Stick (for smudging)

Pen and Paper

Crystals (that are on your altar and need to be recharged)

To start off your full moon ritual, write down your intentions; write down everything that you want to manifest. If you need assistance with writing your intentions, please use the Contact form. Fold your intentions paper up and hold it in you hand. Place your sage stick in your hand that has your intentions. After lighting it, use your sage stick to smudge yourself. Visualize the sage stick cleansing you before your manifestation meditation. Remember, stay in a positive space during this ritual and time. It is vital because the full moon will amplify what is present. Place your sage stick into a fire-proof dish and put it onto your altar. If you have not created an altar yet, check out my Simple Altar Set Up For Beginners blog post.

Place the candle on the altar (or in the same room as you, if you do not have an altar) and light it. Use this time to mediate and visualize your manifestations. After meditation, write in your journal. Write down what you want to happen during this lunar phase, but in the present tense as though it has already happened. Step outside with your crystals and the moon; appreciate and acknowledge the energy, then allow your crystals to recharge. If you need assistance with this, please use the Contact form.

5 thoughts on “How To Do A Full Moon Ritual

  1. Why do you think a ritual is required where the moon is concerned? The moon was created to give light to the night sky. It also a clock for man to tell time. There is a function and purpose the moon has that doesn’t include man. I’m curious to know who says rituals to the moon is required by man.


      1. Everything living thing is connected to one another. The mind has the power to manifest what it’s desires. There’s really no other way that I can put it in simple terms.


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