How To Wash Cloth Diapers

There are a variety of different ways to wash cloth diapers. People have developed and altered routines to fit their personal needs. Overall, you want to use a cloth diaper friendly soap, rinse with cold water first, then wash them with soap and warm water. I recommend washing every day until you have fully gotten into your own routine. I strongly recommend keeping your wash cloth diaper day as simple as possible when you are first starting out.

Breastmilk is water soluble; which means that you can get away with not doing the first step of my wash routine that you see in the video. I used to hose them down with a diaper sprayer, but it didn’t feel like they were getting as rinsed as I wanted. Therefore, I moved into a pre-rinse routine before putting them into the washing machine. I wash every 1.5 days, but before I got into my flow it was everyday. I primarily use pocket diapers and covers. My pockets are LBB (the Amazon version of Alva Baby) and my covers are from Nicki’s Diapers. If you would like to see my full diaper stash check out my Cloth Diapers: The Different Types + My Stash.

I use Tide Original powder to wash and baking soda to combat stains. Click the video below to see how I wash cloth diapers. If you have any questions on how to wash cloth diapers, please leave a comment below!


C O N N E C T – W I T H – M E




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