Why I Am No Longer Vegan

So, I felt that it was necessary to make this video addressing my vegan lifestyle change and my reasoning behind it. I also address the background and status of Nashville’s Black Vegans. Please watch the entire video to gather a full scope of my decision.

Check out my vegan and vegetarian recipes HERE. 

What are you reasons for your current lifestyle? Let me know below!



  1. Hello I am New To This Vlog And All I Can Say Is I Love Every post Keep Up The Great Work And Can u Post more Mommy Vlogs Also Can U Give Us an Update On Your Breastfeeding? How is it Going? And What Tips Would u Give us Mommies For Breatfeeding?

    • Hey! I had videos lined up, but my computer crashed. I will refilm them and have them up for you ❤️.

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