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I transitioned to a plant based lifestyle on the first day of this year from being Vegan. If you have not seen my reasoning behind that, please check out my Why I Am No Longer Vegan video. It is really funny and worth the watch! What I love the most about being plant based is the endless creativity that goes into each meal. So, let’s get started with PART 2 of What I Eat In A Day Plant Based Lifestyle!


We had a fruit smoothie for breakfast. I put half a honey crisp apple, two handfuls of kale, half a banana, three dates, and three seeded grapes into a small blender. Instead of pineapple juice, I used water and blended it all together until it was smooth. I usually use granny smith apples, but went with the honey crisp this time. The taste was definitely different, but in a good way. I used my Mainstays Black Blender which is only $20! I bought this over three years ago when I first started my lifestyle changes and I recommend it to anyone that is looking for an inexpensive blender that is of quality.


This isn’t a hot dog, I know. We put a plant based sausage onto the hot dog bun instead because they are filling. I sliced the sausage down the middle and put it into the oven for about 8 minutes in a cast iron skillet. After they were done, I added guacamole to the top of the sausage dog. The weird looking green slices are the fried half of a bell pepper seasoned with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. I ended up putting them on top of the guacamole. Then, served it with slices of green apple. I was still hungry, so I had a handful of BBQ Chips πŸ™‚


This looks so yummy, right? I made Chickpea Mushroom Stroganoff with bowtie pasta. It was so scrumptious. My fiance doesn’t like mushrooms, but he ate it all because the sauce was so delicious. I boiled the pasta and seasoned it with oil, salt, and pepper. I used my Mainstays Black Blender again to make the cashew sauce. After creating the sauce, I sauteed the mushrooms and chickpeas, then poured in the sauce to incorporate it all together. If you would like a recipe, let me know πŸ™‚

(Not So Plant Based) Dessert

I made mini nut butter chocolate cups for dessert. Unfortunately, I did not give the nut butter time to chill before pouring the top layer of chocolate on top. So, the nut butter went up the sides. However, these were a test run anyway. They were sweet, but also salty. I am still figuring out the right recipe of my own, so you haven’t seen the last of these chocolate cups! If you have a chocolate fix, but can’t find any in your area check out Milkless Chocolate on Amazon.

Which one did you like the most out of what was mentioned in my meals today? Comment below!

C O N N E C T – W I T H – M E


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