Makeup Of The Day: Golden Olive Cut Crease

As a new mom, I am mostly home. Plus, in all honesty, I don’t get glammed up often because I love to kiss and love all on my son. However, when I do….(lol). This Olive Cut Crease look was in my “Why I Am No Longer Vegan”  blog post/YouTube video. If you ever have questions about what I am wearing on my face in a video, please know that eventually it will be posted on the blog.

I did not have enough photos that were to my liking of this look and I apologize for that. I had to slightly rush due to external factors. Anyway, I would like to introduce to you all my new co-stars: Boob 1 and Boob 2. Sorry, I have never had the pleasure of having any, so pardon my ridiculousness. Let me know what you all think of this look in the comments. Would you like a walk through of how I achieved it?

Face & Eyebrows

Please check out my SOFT GOLD CUT CREASE blog post for the products that are on my face and eyebrows.


Primer/Base: MAC Soft Ochre paint pot

Eyeshadows: Coastal Scents (Oatmeal Tan, Chocolatier, Deep Roast, Golden Avocado, Golden Globe & Cloud White) and Sally Girl (Onyx)

Eyelashes: SheBlinx


Lipliner: NYX Brown

Lipstick: Boots No. 7

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