OOTD: JustFab Over The Knee Boots

I bought this expensive camera in 2017 and hadn’t taken one photo of myself for my blog. Shame on me, right? Well, that was changed this past weekend. I told myself that I will consistently start taking photos when I am dressed and made up. As a mom, in all honesty, that isn’t often. I love to kiss on my son and be comfortable while fleshing out blog content, cleaning, Netflixing and etc. However, we had so many errands to run that day and I wanted to look cute, so this was the finished product. I have had these gorgeous JustFab boots since 2017 and had only worn them once. So, I pulled my JustFab shoe box off the top of my shelf and dusted it off. I am a thrifty kind of gal. If I can look like a million bucks for a hundred, guess what I’ma do? “Who gone check me boo”? Check out the outfit details below.

Coat: Jaclyn Smith (Sears)

Shirt: Poof (Nordstrom)

Pants: Fashion Nova (Fashion Nova)

Shoes: JustFab

Sunglasses: Foster Grant (Walmart)

FUN FACT: I am wearing an Amethyst around my neck. It is my favorite crystal.

I feel I should mention the highlighters I am wearing on my cheek. They are beaming, right? My cheekbones are looking like I am in Cali about to hit the scene honey! I am wearing Benefit’s High Beam and MAC’s Gold Deposit on top. The video of this makeup look is here.

Have you ever shopped with JustFab? If so, what are your favorite pair of shoes from them?

Also, for the record, little booties matter. šŸ™‚


C O N N E C T – W I T H – M E




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