Dating and Relationships EP2: Chemistry Versus Compatibility

Let’s be real, how often have you had amazing chemistry with a person, but literally had nothing in common with them? In dating, it has happened to all of us at least once (or twice). Chemistry and compatibility are very two different and distinct things the often get confused for one another. Chemistry is that emotional, passionate connection you have for a person; this can’t be faked nor created. Whereas, compatibility is where lifestyles, interests, principles and values align with one another. Unfortunately, a lot of relationships have a lot of chemistry and low compatibility. So, what’s the big deal with chemistry versus compatibility?

Before watching this video, check out the last “episode” about Situationships. In the last “episode” we discussed situationships and the the possible reasons behind them. As a millennial, I have had my share of situationships. After grappling with my own issues, handling and gaining control of them became that much easier. What I have noticed about those types of relationships is that men typically do not enjoy being told that a woman will not remain idle for him. What if you both just aren’t compatible, but have high chemistry. Is it worth the wait anyway?

Check out Episode 2 below.

What do you think should be the next episode in the Dating and Relationships Series?

C O N N E CT – W I T H – M E




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