5 Ways to Tell Someone Is Good for Your Mental Health

Navigating relationships can be tough, if we make it that way.

Mental health has become a very important part of our everyday lives. Personally, I love it.

Relationships are easy for emotionally stable individuals to manage, and they bring out the best in us. The opposite is also true; people with mental health issues are hard to be around, can strain even the most solid relationships, and can leave you with unnecessary stress.

Lets be clear, another person’s emotional wellness will not improve yours.
Long-term bonds also require compatible values and personalities.

You can’t go wrong by surrounding yourself with people who value and exemplify the following traits.

Listens To You Empathetically

The ability to understand, sympathize with, and identify with the feelings and thoughts of another person is known as empathy. The cultivation of empathy is of the highest priority for the formation of relationships and compassion.

Empathy enables us to work together with other people, form lasting friendships and step in to stop others from being bullied.

When you have a conversation with this friend, do they try to put themselves into your shoes and understand your perspective or are their words indifferent towards you? People who lack empathy are indifferent to another person’s pain. They also may lead you to feel that you are too sensitive and find yourself walking on eggshells around them.

When you have relationships in your corner that are empathetic, they listen to you in a judgement-free zone, they pay attention to your body language, they listen to you intently when you talk to them, and provide response/feedback that are filled with compassion.

Respects Your Boundaries

Having clear boundaries is crucial for a healthy relationship, whether it is family, friends or a romantic partner. Always remember that the boundary is yours and what is your boundary is communicated as a rule to the other person.

Boundaries help express what each person is comfortable with in a relationship. When trying to get closer to someone, the last thing you want to do is make them feel uncomfortable or neglected.

A lot of people don’t understand that clear communication is a great signifier of a person that respects your boundaries.

A person that respects your boundaries also respects your autonomy. Even when they feel they know what is best for you, they still respect that you have the right to make your own decisions. So, they do not withhold information and respect when you tell them, “No”. And when you communicate that a boundary is overstepped, they deliver a genuine apology.

Prioritizes Their Own Mental Health

This truly speaks for itself.

The state of our mind impacts our emotions, thoughts, and relationships. The way we think, feel, act, deal with stress, interact with people, and ultimately make decisions is all influenced by it.

A friend that prioritizes their own mental health will have an overall awareness of themselves.

It will be easier to navigate conflict with them and overall better communication between you two because of the cultivated emotional intimacy and solid foundation of trust that they have with themselves.

You Are Free To Be Your Authentic Self

A good friend will accept you for who you are and hype up your authenticity.

In order for someone to respect you in your most authentic form, they have to have confidence within themselves. A friend that is not confident within themselves will project onto you as a way to make you play small and dim you light.

A good friend who is walking in their authenticity will reciprocate the energy back to you. So, you won’t feel drained or minimized when you are with them.

They Celebrate You

People who celebrate you want to see you win because when you win, they win too.

We live in a capitalist culture that encourages competition, but this person knows that you are a part of their tribe. There isn’t a need for competition because they know that your winning does not take from them.

When a person isn’t feeling very successful, this might be a challenge for them to celebrate you and you will be able to feel this when you tell them about your published book, new engagement, new movie role, debut album and new product line.

If someone is good for your mental health, they will be happy for your success because they helped make it happen. They spoke life into you along the way. The lent you a helping hand when you needed it. They are happy this moment has finally happened for you because it was in their heart to see you win too.

Again, they know that when you win, they win too because you are their reflection.

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