Vegan Thanksgiving to be Hosted by Jermaine Dupri for Atlanta Families In Need

Jermaine Dupri, long-time Vegan, will host a vegan Thanksgiving meal, in partnership with PETA, this Saturday (November 23, 2019).

“I’ve been Vegan for over a decade,” Dupri mentioned in his statement, “and for me, there’s nothing better for feeling your best and knowing you’re helping the planet and animals. The holidays are about the spirit of giving, and PETA and I want to give to the people in Atlanta a Thanksgiving meal that’s healthy, humane and delicious.”

The meal will feature a full spread of roasted vegan turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy and pumpkin pie. Tofurkey roasts will also be given away at the event!

The event will start at 3:30PM on Saturday at West Hunter Street Baptist Church, where he will be joined by celebrity friends, representatives from the Southwest Ecumencial Emergency Assitance Center and more!

When: Saturday, November 23, 2019

Where: West Hunter Street Baptist Church, 1040 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, Atlanta, GA


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