Alpha Foods Plant Based Beefy Chedd’r Pot Pie Review

Last week, I was in the freezer aisle to grab some Boca ground crumbles for dinner. Stuffed bell peppers, mashed red potatoes and sautéed kale was on the menu. In all honesty, I saw Alpha Foods plant based pot pie and was tempted to buy it about a month ago. The price point of about $4 a pop stopped me in my tracks.

Last week, I grabbed the Alpha Foods Beefy Chedd’r Pot Pie to try it out for you all. It is 100% Plant Based and GMO free!

Alpha Foods has six different versions of their hand held plant based pot pies and they all boast to be animal free, cholesterol free and packed full of protein on the go! They have Buffalo Chick’n, Chick’n Veggie, Pizza, Beefy Chedd’r, Spinach Feta and Chick’n Pesto.

You can either pop the plant based pot pie in the microwave for quick, instant cooking or bake it in the oven. It can be eaten as a quick snack, on-the-go lunch or dinner.

I chose to cook mine in the oven because I wanted to see how well the dough was made for the pot pie. It took about 5 more minutes over the cooking time on the package, but I’m sure that’s normal. All ovens are not created equal and cooking times are expected to vary.

The pastry was so flaky and buttery! I loved that more than the inner contents of the pot pie. It didn’t look like the picture, but it was cheesey and delicious! The picture doesn’t do it justice y’all! I’m sure you can tell I enjoyed it by the amount of exclamation points.

I decided to eat mine with freshly sautéed kale that I had left over from the previous day’s dinner. Would I buy it again? Absolutely! The price point is pretty steep if I were to buy about a week’s worth for a lazy lunch, but I think they are worth it. I wish it looked like the picture. It appears that the plant-based meat was injected into the dough ball. Either way, it was tasty and I would buy them again. In fact, I bought the Beefy Chedd’r version yesterday.

Alpha Foods is sold in Walmart, Kroger, Publix and more! I purchased mine from my local Walmart. If you would like to find a specific product from their brand, use their store locator tool.


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2 thoughts on “Alpha Foods Plant Based Beefy Chedd’r Pot Pie Review

  1. It is impossible to leave an honest review for an alpha ‘beefy chedd’r’ pot pie. You are lead in circles an never get to a possibility of leaving a review. Truth is the texture is good, the appearance is good , but the taste is bland. Sorry, maybe flavor would help, but spicing is absent. For a vegetarian it is okay, but as a meat substitute it is lacking as there is little to no flavor.


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