How To Use Visualization Techniques To Manifest Your Desires

The body is an amazing quantum physics machine that can sense and radiate energy. The mind is very powerful because your thoughts can vibrate energy to manifest your desires. Once you have an understanding of this, then you will be more aware of the power that exists within your thoughts. How can you manifest your desires? When this technique is harnessed for manifestations it will change your life. Using visualization techniques will program your subconscious mind, redirect your self-talk, implement laws of attraction and ignite your motivation.

Why Use Visualization Techniques?

Visualization techniques have been used for centuries. Athletes, successful business owners and spiritual advisors all have used visualization techniques to manifest their desires. The subconscious mind can not decipher between what is real and what is imagined. This part of the mind also does not process words; only images. Consciously you are using a mental trick to tell your subconscious mind to act on the images that it has seen. Furthermore, your subconscious mind will motivate you toward the goal through your actions and self-talk. To find out more information about why self-talk is relevant, read Here’s Why You Dont Believe In Yourself And How To Change It. Also, the law of attraction applies to this technique. When you use a visual technique to only focus on what you desire, then you will attract that energy.

How To Use Visualization?

Visualization techniques are one of the best ways to sharpen that mental muscle. The best time to do visualization is in the morning, after meditation and right before bed. Not only are these times when you are most relaxed, but they are the times when you are not as distracted and free of running thoughts.

Overall, pick two times a day to focus on your goals. You can focus on your goals through visualization techniques, positive affirmations and a vision board/goal list. It should not take more than 10-15 minutes to complete goal focus a day. Read your goals aloud to yourself and visualize them happening for you.

The most important piece in all of this is to acknowledge, then release. You want to set your goals and intentions, then allow them to manifest by letting them go. In turn, this will set you free to be present and in the moment. Therefore, your subconscious and conscious will be working to achieve and attract what you need in order to manifest your goals and not focused on thinking about your goals.

2 Visualization Techniques

1. Candle Exercise

What you will need: Tall white candle

One of the most known visualization techniques is the use of a candle. Before starting, ensure that you are in a quiet space, free of distraction.

Light your candle and sit in front of it. Stare at the candle for 3 minutes. Make a note of the flame, the burning wax and how you relaxed you are in that moment.

Then, close your eyes and hold the image until it disappears. It may be blurry and that is okay. Remember, you are training this muscle with this exercise and practice makes perfect. Recall the color, the wax burning, the details of the candles flame and how relaxed you are in that moment.

It usually disappears after about 1-2 minutes. It may disappear instantly, but that is the point of this exercise. You are sharpening your ability to visualize images.

Complete these steps 2 more times.

2. Dot On Paper

What you will need: White paper, pen/marker and tape

On the paper, draw a circle in the center of the paper with your pen/marker. Sit in a chair and make a note of where your eyes land on the wall across from you. Now, tape the piece of paper on the wall across from you at eye level.

Stare at the dot for 3 minutes, then look at the wall next to the paper and hold the image until it disappears. Do you see it? Hold that dot for as long as possible.

It usually disappears after about 1-2 minutes. If it does before that time frame, that is okay. Remember, you are strengthening muscle.

Complete these steps 2 more times.


What you put into the exercise is what you will get back. In other words, if you go into this positively and out of pure intent, then you will see the results in your desires.

Visualizations, positive affirmations and meditation daily allow you to expand your beliefs, opinions and assumptions about where your power truly resides. They open the door to change your perspective on how you can manifest what you want out of life.

Use the techniques above to strengthen your mental muscle and use it daily to see your goals happening in your head.

Overall, ensure that you goals are intrinsic because your happiness, well-being and growth are more important than validation from others.


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