Everyone Has Masculine and Feminine Energy. The Key Is Balance.

Let’s be clear, masculinity and femininity have been socially contrived for satisfying gender stereotypes.

All things—including people—have divine masculine and feminine energy.

The yin-yang symbol might help you picture what masculine and feminine energies are like when working together in harmony. 

Despite their differences, masculine and feminine energies are complementary.

They form a significant portion of every person and are the foundation upon which the cosmos and life as we know it rest.

Alignment requires balancing divine feminine and masculine energy, which is available to all of us. 

Divine Feminine Energy

Characteristics of loving, creative, intuitive, empathetic, and faith-filled feminine energy include the following. Invoking the feminine allows you to let go of your attachment to the outcome.

You have a fantastical and innovative mind. Every one of us is equipped with sensitivity, compassion, and gentleness by the feminine energy that is within us.

If your feminine energy is low, you may find it difficult to express yourself or connect with others. You could find it hard to accept change and strike a balance. Signs that you are disconnected from the feminine spirit include rigid ways of being and repressed truth.

But, having an abundance of feminine energy might make you overprotective of others around you to the point of worrying about other people a lot. You could be too kind and lenient with people and their crossing of your own boundaries. It’s possible that you’re so content that you’re not motivated to pursue any new objectives. An imbalance between the energy can lead to emotional immaturity, dependence, and victim mentality.

Divine Masculine Energy

Confidence, order, and a willingness to take charge are frequently ascribed to the masculine force. The masculine energy inherent in every person enables us to plot our courses, work diligently, and serve as an anchor.

Deficits in masculine energy can lead to a lack of drive, structure, and responsibility. You might come out as careless or insecure. If you feel disconnected from your masculine energy, it can be difficult to maintain focus, set boundaries, and be assertive.

On the other hand, when you’re overly masculine, you could be domineering or overstepping of boundaries. The ego might be overstimulated. Some others may view you as being overly critical, aggressive, and combative.

Balancing Both Energies

We can balance our energy even while the world is out of our control. Harmony, fulfillment, and calm come from inner masculine-feminine balance.

Feminine qualities are looked down upon and often disregarded in today’s culture, which celebrates masculine qualities.

I’ve already discussed how black women have had to rest in their masculine energy. The poisonous macho and the repressed feminine fuel our civilization.

Nowadays, male traits—logic, activity, strength—are praised, while feminine traits—intuition, emotions, nurturing—are seen as weak. This fosters an unhealthy, uneven dynamic between the two energies within oneself.

Boys are trained to be physically powerful and forceful and avoid being “feminine” by not talking about their thoughts, exhibiting emotions, and being soft and sensitive. This has left many emotionally stunted. 

Girls are encouraged to prioritize their looks, youth, and sexuality (but only through the male gaze). They are caring, sensitive, and responsive, but only to men. Labels like “crazy” and “emotional” shame them into feeling they are the “lesser” of the two.

At my core, I am feminine by nature. I have a wide range of emotions because I am imaginative, perceptive, emotionally intelligent, and kind. However, I’ve discovered that establishing a healthy equilibrium between my feminine and masculine energy is an ongoing effort that calls for constant vigilance and effort on my part.

  • One of the first things that you want to do is address the fear of you feeling that you will be seen as weak for embracing your femininity.
  • The next step is reframing your view of femininity within you. We have placed a heavy focus on the masculine and forgot about the feminine.
  • Connect with yourself through self-care, which is the self-love required to allow your entire being to utilize both energies.
  • Lastly, surrender to the process. In other words, surrendering develops your divine feminine side. That doesn’t imply you stop expressing your aspirations and desires via actions. It means you find equilibrium, yield to your purpose, and act when needed.

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