Mezcla Vegan Plant Protein Bars Review

I started getting into protein bars a few years ago when I exercised and moved my body outside of work. However, now that I am a working mother, I used them as a meal replacement and to curb my appetite. Over the past few years, what has been dubbed as the “plant craze” has helped to introduce a variety of options for vegan and plant-based protein bars. Protein bars can be used as a protein supplement for a variety of reasons: meal replacements, snack between meals, convenience and workout support.

Protein is an essential macro-nutrient and is a component of all the cells in our body. We need protein for the production of enzymes, hormones and much more! Chances are if you eat fish, meat and eggs, you are more than likely getting the recommended daily amount. However, those that live a vegan and plant-based lifestyle may use protein bars, in addition to other sources, to get their daily protein intake. Remember, animals get their protein from plants!

Now, let’s get to the juicy details!

A representative for Eat Mezcla reached out to me during the summer to try out their plant protein bars and I was excited to give them a try! After my representative received my PR address, the package arrived in about 3-4 days. The contents of the package remained in tact and the bars were unaffected by travel and possible weather conditions. Mezcla invites you around the world with three taste bursting flavors: Mexican Chipotle Hot Chocolate, Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter and Japanese Matcha Vanilla. After you have selected your flavor, you have the opportunity to interact with the culture by scanning the QR code that is on the package. The code will take you to an ever changing art gallery. This is such a great innovation! If you are an artist, why not enjoy a tasty bar and submit your artwork afterward?

You want more great things about the company, huh? They give back! They give 2% of profits to undeserved schools in order to fund vital art programs! Imaginative activities for young learners helps with emotional regulation, inventiveness, social skills and motor skills, to name a few! Listen, all children need art programs. Art is a great way for one to process and express their emotions.

I want to break down each bar separately, but I will keep it short and sweet for you!

All bars are Vegan, NON-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy Free with 10G of Plant Protein & 170 calories.

All bars have layer of chocolate on the bottom of them.

All bars are $2.49, which is a $19.99 box for 8 bars.

Click here to grab a box or TRY ALL THREE FOR FREE now and get 15% off with my code: TBP15

Matcha Vanilla

Ingredients: Japanese Matcha, vanilla extract, sunflower seeds, pink salt, pea protein and chickpeas

This one is my favorite! I love match and vanilla! What a perfect combination, right?

Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter

Ingredients: Peruvian Cocoa, peanuts, pea crisp, quinoa, chickpeas and pink salt

If you are looking for a classic flavor , then this will be your go-to bar. You can never go wrong with peanut butter baby!

Mexican Chipotle Hot Chocolate

Ingredients: Mexican Chioptle, cocoa, pink salt, quinoa, pea crisp and amaranth.

This bar is the right amount of sweet with a sliver of heat on the back end!

The products look exactly like the photos on their website! I ate my Peanut Butter while working and forgot that I had not taken a photo yet, yikes! 🙂

All bars are $2.49, which is a $19.99 box for 8 bars.

Click here to grab a box now and get 15% off with my code: TBP15


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