What I Eat In A Day In A Plant Based Lifestyle

I like to keep it fresh on my blog, so instead of the usual recipe, why not show you what I ate yesterday. I have been plant based since the top of 2019. Prior to that, I went Vegan on 1/1/2017. I transitioned into this lifestyle because of the health benefits. When I went Vegan, I felt different inside and out. I no longer had mucus in my lungs, shortness of breath, cloudy thoughts and unhealthy weight. It helped me to get my body into shape, but more importantly, it gave my body the fuel it needed to be healthy. So, let’s get into what I eat in a day in a plant based lifestyle.


I always drink a cup of water before eating my first meal of the day. Almost every morning, I have oatmeal for breakfast. Prior to my pregnancy, I used to either have a juice (made from my juicer) or fruit for breakfast. I will start back juicing, but I want to get a better juicer than the one I currently have because it is clunked out and tired honey. If I do not have oatmeal for breakfast, then I opt for fruit and water or breakfast like what was in my Tasty Tuesday post here.

I do not like dry oatmeal. I prepare the oatmeal slightly to the directions on the container. I used to use quick oats or instant oats, but opted to use old-fashioned oats instead. I use Almond Milk in place of the water. My mother used to make my oatmeal with milk and it was always better that way. I add brown sugar, cinnamon, and raisins to it, then top it with sliced almonds and frozen blueberries.


For lunch, we had a salad. Every month I buy at least two of the large organic spinach boxes because I use it in a variety of different ways. If you have not already, check out my Plant Based Spinach And Artichoke Dip. I have always loved a good salad. Prior to becoming vegan, I loved eating Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad. Before I stopped eating at McDonald’s, I used to get the Southwest Chicken Salad. I consume salads a lot more now because I breastfeed my son and I want to ensure that he is getting as many micronutrients from my diet as possible. On this salad, I added sliced almonds, ginger wonton strips, dried cranberries, sliced cucumber and diced green apple.

I use JUST, by Hampton Creek, Caesar flavored dressing as my salad dressing. It is so good!! Vinaigrettes used to be my ish, but I used this brand of mayo for my Vegan Crab Cakes and they didn’t have the plain mayo in stock. After I tried this Caesar on my salad, I was hooked!


There goes that spinach again! I know, I know…I have fries and a plant based meat patty on a plant based post. I guess this is more vegan because a plant based diet focuses on whole foods as close to its natural state as possible. I need to indulge at least once a day to keep me motivated! DO NOT follow a strict diet or lifestyle and not have at least one day a week to indulge. You can indulge with a piece of chocolate or with fries. YUM!

So, I have made this chick’n sandwich quite a few times and it is so good Y’all! My fiance decided to add a kosher pickle slice to his sandwich, so I did the same. Anyway, the meat patty is the Buffalo Crispy Chick’n patty by Gardein. On the sandwich, I put a pickle, honey gold sauce and raw spinach then served it with deep fried wedge fries.

No matter your lifestyle, eat healthily and indulge to stay focused! What did you eat today (or yesterday)?

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