#SpotlightSaturdays: Black Owned Household Goods

Household goods are vital items in a home that are used on a regular basis. They include trash bags, cleaning supplies, paper towels and more! At least once a day, you use an item that is deemed a household good. We have the amazing opportunity and capability to give back to our community by purchasing black owned household goods. Do you have to wait for them to come in the mail, yes, but it is no different than planning ahead to buy that outfit for the event you want to attend. Am I right or am I speaking facts? I recommend buying two of whichever brand you choose to purchase to start off.

After you have viewed and shopped with a business below, use the Contact Form or comment section to share your experience.

Nubian Pride Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is perfect for its antistatic properties and imparting a pleasant scent to your laundry. Nubian Pride has a Fabric Softner that is environmentally safe, so it doesn’t contain any animal products nor has it been tested on animals. Their fabric softener is “quat” free, which means no skin or respiratory irritation will happen when you use their products. Nubian Pride also carries laundry detergent, dish soap, and fabric softener booster pellets.

Under “Browse By Category” in the header on the site, choose “Laundry/Household” and Nubian Pride will populate on the following webpage.

Website: Nubian Pride

The Hoot All Natural Cleaner

The Hoot’s All Natural All Purpose cleaners was formulated by someone who has over 20 years of housekeeping experience. She noticed that she was beginning to have respiratory issues and skin irritation after her prolonged exposure to the chemicals in the cleaners that was she using in her line of work (and at home). So, she started an all natural cleaner that has zero toxins and uses recycled plastic for its bottles. The most popular scent is Lemon, but she has Pine and Lavender, among others.

Website: The Hoot

ThreeZ Company Household Paper

ThreeZ Company is the first black ” owned and operated paper supply company to distribute a full line of its own name brand of residential and commercial paper products, Blissful (TM) Paper Products, established in 2008.” ThreeZ Company has napkins, facial tissues, public restroom toilet seat covers and more! They are perfect for home and company paper distribution. Check out their inventory below!

Website: ThreeZ Company

Garner’s Garden Mouthwash & Tooth Powder

Garner’s Garden had very small beginnings in local farmer’s markets and local events. However, it has grown exponentially over the years. The company is dedicated to “affordable, 100% all natural skin care products”, but they expanded their product range to include oral care. Garner’s Garden recommends that you use both of these products together. “The anti-bacterial mouth wash along with the remineralizing tooth powder will assist in the reduction of the amount of plaque, bacteria, and other toxins that cause odor.”

Website: Garner’s Garden

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