#TasteyTuesday: Nashville’s Nomnivore Sushi Et Cetera

For this Tasty Tuesday blog post, I will be doing something a little different. Instead of posting a cooking video or recipe, I am posting a review of Nomnivore Sushi et Cetera here in Nashville.

I am so happy that my fiance took photos with his iPhone, otherwise I would have had to do this experience over. My MacBook Pro’s hard drive is no longer working and I had a lot of content on it.

My baby boy was a six month fetus at the time of these photos and my baby bump was barely visible. Anyway, let’s dive right in…


Summer of 2002, the “Chief Nomster”, Thet H. Tint, left the City of Yangon to attend Vanderbilt University in Nashville. He graduated with his bachelor’s in 2006. While working as a nurse, Tint researched about how to start, open and run a sushi restaurant business. The idea was sparked during his brief downtime in 2009, due to immigration issues preventing him from taking the test to secure his nursing license. Tint quit his nursing job in 2011, then opened Nomzilla, which is currently located in East Nashville; Nomnivore is it’s sister site. Tint personally wrote his Philosophy Page on his website and wants all of his patrons to know: “I am just one of you who has a lucky break to get a chance to follow the American dream. As such, I have no intention of giving my soul to the devil to make a buck, which is to say, I don’t cut corners and I don’t rip you off. That is my message to you.

I personally loved that integrity is very important to him; it’s admirable.


When you first walk-in, you will notice how spacious and calm it is in the dining area. I like that there is a long table and bar-like counters for different eating purposes. Some may need to grab a bite to eat while working on their laptop (counter top) and others may come with a group of friends.

Photo from Nomnivore’s Facebook


Nomnivore has Classic Maki, Hosomaki, Summer Rolls, Poke, various sides and desserts. Their beverage menu includes Boba Tea, hot tea and sodas. The menu ranges from $7-$15, but can go higher depending on what you prefer if you build your own bowl, Maki or roll.

Photo from Nomnivore’s Website

Photo from Nomnivore’s Facebook


When I first started going, the portion sized varied a great deal at Nomnivore. They would bounce between different food containers a lot. However, the last three times the food container was the same. When I go, I usually build my own sushi bowl and the price can get pretty steep. The rice is never undercooked and the toppings are always fresh, so I personally don’t mind the price point. We ate fruit on the side and a Mapco slushy to drink. I loved slushes while I was pregnant.

The food is delicious and the staff are always pleasant. They have never gotten my order wrong and I’m grateful because that’s one of my pet dining peeves. My only drawback is the fact that they don’t have non-dairy milk for their boba tea! I understand that cow’s milk is cheaper, but I know the Vandy area will produce the clientele that will buy it.

After you eat, I recommend going to Ben&Jerry’s across the street to get your sweet fixing for dessert.

Sound off: what’s your review of Nomnivore?


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