5 Dollar Tree Beauty Hacks

I don’t know about you, but I love Dollar Tree. I remember my bus trips with my grandmother to our local Dollar Tree. She would purchase her household goods and snacks. We, my cousin and I, would get toys and candy. We didn’t care how much it cost because it was worth more than a dollar to us. As I got older, I never strayed away from Dollar Tree. Just as my grandmother, I too purchase my household goods and snacks from Dollar Tree. I love going to the beauty aisle for my self-care items and the home goods aisle for my candles. There’s something about getting a good product for a dollar! Let’s get into these five Dollar Tree beauty hacks!

Retinol Face Mask

I didn’t start using these Retinol Face Masks until earlier this year. I use them because retinol brightens and evens out the skin. If you have dark spots, retinol will help! After my night skincare routine, I pop one of these on my face about once a week before bed. I wash my face again and then apply my moisturizer before bed.

Face Mask

Every Dollar Tree won’t have the same type of cucumber masks, but I haven’t been to one that didn’t carry any. I swear by their cucumber masks! They are so hydrating for my skin. I use one of these every couple of days after my morning (or afternoon shhh) skincare routine. I definitely notice the difference when I go without using them on my skin. After 15 minutes, I lightly rinse my face and apply my skin moisurizer.

Bath Bombs

I had no idea that Dollar Tree had bath bombs! If I can spend a buck to help with my “me time” while my little is asleep, then I will do that honey. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out how well they actually worked and smelled great too! They have cute little shapes and colors too. I think these would be a great idea for a self-care basket.

Microfiber Facial Scrubber

My skin is oily and can be acne-prone at times. I started using a facial scrubber with my skincare routine years ago because the scrubbers really help to clean the dirt from the pores. When I found out that Dollar Tree had a cheaper version, I was sold! I buy about two packs at a time now because I have gotten my fiance into using them too. I replace these pretty often, but three come in a pack, so no worries.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

When it comes to beauty, you can’t abandon your lips! I love a good lip scrub and balm! I wear a lot of liquid lipsticks that dry down, so I have to make sure that my lips are exfoliated and properly moisturized. Every Dollar Tree might not have this Palmer’s product, but they are sold online.

What are your favorite Dollar Tree beauty items?


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