There are over 100 million blogs already sis….

Let’s be real, I am sure that you can name about 5 people that you personally know that has a blog or a website with a blog? So, yeah I thought about it: Do you really want to add another blog to the millions that are already out there Netra (Yes, I speak to myself in the third person and I ain’t shamed about it)? The categories are endless! There are fashion blogs, food blogs, writing blogs…you name it! However, there are a small amount of bloggers that break “the rules”. Yeah, “those rules”. The rules of proper grammar, AAVE bleaching, being politically correct, coloring within the lines and blah blah blah.

I’ve never been a person to tone down who I am to cater to the insecurities of others, but I had found myself doing that for years. I found myself being silent for the approval of others and noticed how it contributed to my unhappiness. If I am being myself in every moment, then I won’t have any regrets at night, right? If I am using my voice in moments that I feel necessary, then I will be content within myself, right? Now, I won’t go into detail about my transformation in this particular post, but I will say that a blog was a necessary component to the evolution. Furthermore, I needed to merge my two worlds: my love for creative expression and divine spirituality.

I started to express myself, aggressively (ha!), and noticed the responses; mostly favorable, but I definitely received some backlash. A prominent business man stated, “You need to make money off of that” and VOILA….the blog was born. “You gotta do it cus you love it not for the money Netra”, PAUSE. Who said it’s all about the money? Look, if I am going to put my opinions, controversial ones at that, on public display to be picked a part by everyone, then why not make a few coins off of it? Yeah, I knew you would understand.

Anyway, here I am adding one more blog to your Favorites and one more email notification to your email address (*crosses fingers*). If you know me personally, then you pretty much already have a general idea of what to expect. If you don’t, hang on for the ride.


PSST: I was told that I move too loud, so this launched very quietly. 🙂

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