Hi, I am Netra and I am thrilled that you stopped by and stayed to read this About¬†page.¬† In all honesty, how often do we read this section? So, let’s shake this up and make it interesting!

So, what should you expect from this blog? Almost E V E R Y T H I N G ! I am yet another millennial with restless energy, but I seek to release that energy via creative outlets, my newfound spirituality and delivering my candid perspective on the world that is happening around me. I believe that living a life with “no holds barred” is what keeps me optimistic and regret free!


  • I began my Vegan journey on 1/1/2017 and it has given me nothing short of renewed life!
  • I am an ATLien by way of Decatur (where its greater), GA.
  • I have already lived two short lives:
    • I initially went to college for Culinary Arts with a concentration in Baking and Pastry. Don’t forget to check back for delicious vegan desserts in the store for purchase.
    • I transitioned into Makeup Artistry for a few years, but ultimately decided that my life’s purpose extended far beyond that as well. However, it never left me; check out the Beauty section for more!
  • I am an introvert that everyone believes is an extrovert.

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