Hi, I am Netra! 

Welcome to The Brown Perfection aims to elevate its readers through mind, body, and spirit. I will teach you how to cultivate inner peace, make easy healthy meals, and provide practical encouragement to nourish both your body and soul.

It’s not all seriousness though! I have other blog content including topics of my life, like beauty and relationships. Overall, my blog is about my life. As I read, integrate and grow — I share with you.

Brief Background

I am an Atlanta born blogger with a culinary & makeup artistry background. I attended Art Institute of Atlanta for Baking & Pastry, then ran my own business as a freelance makeup-artist in Nashville.

Fun Facts

  • I am an ATLien, but have lived in Nashville since 2010.
  • I started a healthier lifestyle on 1/1/2017 by becoming Vegan and transitioned into a Plant-Based lifestyle on 1/1/2019.
  • Founder of Nashville’s Black Vegans.
  • INTJ personality. Misunderstood much?
  • I am a mom to the fluffiest toddler who is growing into a well-rounded boy.
  • I cloth diapered my son for about 6 months in his first year of life.

C O N N E C T – W I T H – M E

I’d love to hear from you…send me an email me, Tweet me, find me on FaceBook and/or Pinterest…whatever you want…I’m here to chat 🙂


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