3 Tips for Spiritual Grounding and Why It Is Important

radhanath swami grounding quoteWe live very fast paced lives with little to no time etched for spiritual tuning. We make time for fitness, food, family, entertainment and etc. However, more often than not, we forgo the importance of spiritual tuning free from a religious construct. When you are grounded, it means that you are present in your physical self and connected to the earth, which allows you to feel balanced and centered no matter what happens during your daily journey throughout life. You exist outside of your physical self and spiritual grounding helps to form a bridge between the two entities. A person that is grounded is unshakeable, emotionally sound and at peace with one’s self.

As a woman that has experienced trauma in her youth, spiritual grounding has been influential in releasing energy with the intent to heal. Also, being grounded has aided in awareness that my life has a purpose beyond the material societal construct.

Find Yourself

Above all, the most important step in being spiritually grounded is knowing who you are at your core. We have to be aware that, not only are we on a journey, but so are the people that we encounter. Therefore, if they themselves are not spiritually grounded, then you will be a casualty. If you are not actively aware of your own emotions, thoughts and energy, then you will absorb what is projected onto you. We have to learn that it is okay to be selfish in doing this because spiritual clarity is the most important key to being grounded. As a woman, I felt that I was wrong for doing this because of my biological makeup and societal pressure to always be a well to quench the thirst. I have always been very comfortable in solitude, but using that solitude was key. Focus on knowing your emotions and where they derive from when presented. Be aware of your own thoughts because you are presented with conditioning daily.

Be One with Nature

Nature is the quickest way to ground. Although it may draw feelings of disdain, walking barefoot on the earth’s surface is a quick way to ground yourself. There are controversial scientific debates about grounding with the earth, but I am going to remain simplified in my explanation: walking on the earth’s surface allows you to absorb energy through electrons. A fruitful, pun intended, hobby to start is gardening. It is a great way to ground yourself (and gain fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs). If you do not have a green thumb, then take a hike into nature, free of music and/or interruptions. Mediate in nature! It is one of the most rewarding experiences.

Wear and Carry Crystals

Crystals, much like everything around us, vibrates energy. When choosing your grounding crystals, trust your intuition. Do not ever go against that first voice that you hear when you are deciding, ever. The ultimate grounding crystal is Hematite. It will keep you grounded and aid in eliminating negative energy. The energy of Hematite may be overwhelming due to its quality of “sucking” you down to the Earth. If this is the case, try Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz, a root chakra stone, is a cleansing and balancing crystal. Obsidian, Black Tourmaline and Red Jasper are other crystals that can be utilized for grounding. You can either wear these crystals as jewelry, carry them on your person, place them in areas that you frequent (your alter, car and etc.) or use them when meditating.

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